Academy of Finland Scholarships 2024 – Finland Government Scholarships

List of Available Academy of Finland Fellowship:

Following are the Academic Fellowships with the coming and ongoing deadlines:

1# Academy Research Fellowship:

It is a 4-year program for an individual researcher in all research fields, covering wages plus other essential costs related to research. Early career researchers who have completed their Doctorate 2 to 9 years ago can apply for this fellowship.

2# Funding Program for Clinical Researchers:

Medical researchers involved in the clinical patient program are eligible for Clinical Research funding of around EUR 240,000/ individual. Only the candidates with a Doctoral degree in DMedSc, DDS, or DVM belonging to the healthcare profession are suitable applicants.

3# Mobility Seminar with China:

The Academy of Finland has announced funding for a mobile research seminar in foreign countries. Finnish or overseas researchers can apply to receive funds for travel, living, and other necessary facilities.

4# Mobility Corporation Funding:

Next is joint mobility funding for research programs within China, Germany, & Japan. Independent Outward Researcher or Research team can apply for this mobility program and enjoy research costs sponsorship with other exclusive benefits.

5# JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship:

JSPS fellowships are open for individual researchers based in Finland, providing funds for 1 to 2 years to pay for their travel, living, and research costs in Japan. Meanwhile, interested applicants can apply for the fellowship.

6# Academic Project Funding:

Research teams or Consortia of more than one team are eligible for Academic project sponsorship. Meanwhile, selected researchers will get Euros 400,000–500,000 for hiring and actual research costs.

7# Sports Science Research Project Fellowship:

In such a fellowship program, the funders will check the quality and possible results of the Sports Science research project. However, the applicant must be a PI of the research program, as applications will only be submitted on behalf of the research organization.

8# NordForsk Research Program:

With the help of Finland Academy, NordForsk has announced the initiation of a long-term research program on the specific group of youth and children to study and understand the long-lasting effects of Covid 19 on these people.

If you want to be a part of this program, submit your applications before December 8, 2024.

9# NOS-HS Project Grants:

The Nordic Research Council in Humanities and Social Science has announced funding of NOK 8 million for workshops & every research project conducted by investigators. To become eligible for this grant, the applicant must be a skillful and qualified researcher with an experience of two to seven years. However, the funding duration is 3 years maximum.

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