Bhuti Omdala; Biography, Age, Condition, Partner, TikTok, Profile

Bhuti Omdala age
Bhuti Omdala. (PHOTO: Instagram)

Bhuti Omdala (born December 2005) is a South African social media sensation and content creator. He is best known for posting entertaining videos on TikTok.

Apart from his content, his bubbly personality has drawn a crowd of supporters to him. He is also a music artist and collaborates with Killorbeezbeatz on the song Ah Bhuti Omdala.

Bhuti Omdala
Bhuti Omdala biography
Bhuti Omdala is a successful social media personality.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Bhuti Omdala
Born:December 2005 (age 17 years old)
Nationality:South African
Education:Khanya Lesedi high school
Occupation:Content creator
Known for:TikTok videos
Medical condition:Achondroplasia

Early Life

TikTok sensation Bhuti Omdala was born in December 2005. He has two brothers, an elder one and a younger one. He came into existence with a genetic condition known as Achondroplasia.


Bhuti Omdala is currently studying at Khanya Lesedi high school. He makes some of his videos putting on his school uniform.


The content Bhuti Omdala posts on social media have brought him fame and recognition. 

Although he is well-known on social media, his manager told Kaya FM they have more plans. They are exploring all his talents as much as they can.

Omdala is already trying music, and according to his manager, they will enter as many markets as they can.

A challenge to them is brands are still waking up to the fact that someone as young as he is can be a good marketing value to the brand.

Personal Life

Medical Condition

Bhuti Omdala suffers from a medical condition called Achondroplasia. It affects a protein in the body called the fibroblast growth factor receptor. 

It makes the protein function abnormally, thereby slowing down the growth of bone in the cartilage of the growth plate.


TikTok sensation Bhuti Omdala is single and focuses more on his work. His bubbly personality and fame have made many ladies fall head over heels for him. 

Social Profile

Omdala’s activities and content across several social media platforms rose him to prominence. He posts content that many followers find entertaining and funny. Among his recent posts on Instagram is a dance video of him.