Denmark Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024 – Study in Denmark Without IELTS for free

Time to apply for the fully-funded Denmark Scholarships without IELTS in 2024 for the class of 2024-2025 academic year. Applicants can get an IELTS exemption for their admission applications in Denmark; if any acceptable IELTS alternative certificate is provided as proof of English language proficiency. These Danish Scholarships with IELTS exemption are available for undergraduate, postgraduate, and exchange program students from all over the world.

Completing graduate or postgraduate education from Europe is not more than a dream come true. Dozens of passionate students travel Europe in search of affordable universities, scholarship programs, and quality education. But only a few of them get succeeded in achieving their goals.

On the other hand, in these times, it is not easy to obtain a degree from any reputable university at an affordable rate, especially when inflation is at its peak. But all thanks to the government and universities of Denmark, giving scholarships and tuition grants for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs without IELTS.

Reasons To Study in Denmark:

Well, several reasons will support the decision to study in Denmark. Like, it is the favorite destination of international students to study abroad. Other than this, that country in Europe offers low to no tuition fees, high living standards, quality education, Master’s degree courses in the English language, etc.

Also, the prestigious Danish Universities have a wide range of courses in different subjects for overseas and local students. Another exciting feature is that candidates from EU/EEA and Switzerland can study with no tuition fee for their Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees. Moreover, dozens of international scholarships are also available without ILETS.

Study Without IELTS in Danish Universities:

International students from native English-speaking countries can apply for scholarships and admission at most of the Danish universities without the need for IELTS. However, candidates from non-native English-speaking countries need to prove their English language proficiency skills either by providing IELTS or by any accepted IELTS alternative test.

The most widely accepted IELTS alternative English language proficiency tests at most Danish Universities are; TOEFL iBT, DET, PTE, Cambridge English tests, and Danish high school English courses.

List of Danish Universities without IELTS in 2024:

Following is the list of all Universities in Denmark offering admissions without IELTS requirement; if applicants provide proof of their English Language Proficiency:

  • University of Copenhagen
  • Aarhus University
  • Aalborg University
  • KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
  • University College Absalon
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Copenhagen Business Academy
  • Roskilde University

Funding Grant of Scholarships in Denmark Without IELTS:

The winners of Denmark Scholarships this year at any of the Denmark Universities will be given the following set of few or all benefits;

  • Free University Education
  • No cost accommodation with utilities paid
  • No cost Student’s life/sickness insurance
  • Funding for logistics
  • Funding for Monthly personal expense
  • Funding for experimentation and literature buying

Fully-funded Danish Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024:

That safe and secure country with several scenic picturesque has many world-recognized universities giving scholarships and admission without IELTS requirements. Here, we will discuss some of those institutions and their scholarships. So, keep reading the article to uncover the details.

List of All Universities in Denmark Offering Scholarships Without IELTS:

1# Danish Government Scholarships:

Multiple Danish Universities received a limited number of these generous Denmark Government scholarships, funded by the Danish government. Citizens of non-EU/EEA and Switzerland are eligible for this scholarship program. But the eligibility requirements do not end here. To win this Danish scholarship, candidates have to comply with course-specific certain criteria. For instance, the interested applicant must be enrolled in any high degree program and have a residence permit in Denmark.

Another point of consideration is that it is a fully-funded or partially-funded scholarship program. However, the living cost will get covered under this. On the other hand, students do not have to worry about the IELTS score when applying for Danish Government Scholarship. Candidates from native English-speaking countries have an exemption from it.

2# University of Southern Denmark Scholarships:

As stated above, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) also gives Danish government scholarships. But the list of scholarships provided by this very famous institution of Denmark does not complete here. It is the third-largest and oldest university in Denmark, having an acceptance rate of 10%. Getting selected here is not an easy task due to extreme selective policy.

Application fees of Southern Denmark University: DKK 750 (US$116)
Acceptance Rate of Southern Denmark University: Competitive

It offers various degree programs in different fields like Humanities, Engineering, Health & Social Science, etc. However, to apply for scholarships, IELTS is not mandatory.

Scholarships offered by this university are;

  • Danish Government Scholarships.
  • Master’s Program Scholarships.
  • The University of Southern Ph.D. Fellowships.

3# Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Scholarships:

DTU is one of the finest technological Universities in Denmark. Researchers and students at DTU are actively making progress in technological research areas to find ingenious solutions and ideas related to engineering. If you want to choose DTU from this list for your next degree then the following details about DTU will be helpful to read:

Application fees of Technical University of Denmark: Euro 100
The Acceptance Rate of the Technical University of Denmark is not disclosed by the University.

English Language Requirements of DTU: IELTS is not a mandatory English Language Proficiency requirement at DTU if applicants hold TOEFL iBT, CAE, or English Langauge B of Danish High School English test.

DTU external Scholarships for students offered in 2024 are;

  • Global Study Award Scholarship
  • Scholarships for Globally Minded Leader
  • The Gen Foundation financial aid program

4# University of Copenhagen (ITU) Scholarships:

ITU is a public research university located in the capital of Denmark. It is one of the most prominent universities in Denmark due to Information Technology degree programs. Interested candidates can apply for BS, MS, BSc programs. Dozens of courses are available here like, Study Games, Digital Design, Software Engineering, etc.

Application fees of University of Copenhagen: DKK 750 (Euro 100)
Acceptance Rate of University of Copenhagen: between 40-50%

It is quite challenging to get admission to this university due to the low acceptance rate. Meanwhile, candidates with minimal finances can apply for the University of Copenhagen scholarships and loans.

Again, the University of Copenhagen gives several alternative options for IELTS exemption like; TOEFL, DET, PTE, CP, CAE, etc.

5# Aarhus University Scholarships:

On number fourth, we have Aarhus University, located in Aarhus. It is the second-largest and oldest university, with a safe, secure, friendly, and equal environment. That university has waived tuition fees for Swiss, EU, & EEA citizens.

Application fees of Aarhus University: DKK 750 (Euro 100)
Acceptance Rate of Aarhus University: High

One can be enrolled here in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., Engineering, & Exchange programs and apply for the various scholarships without worrying about IELTS. Why? Because it is accepting students without IELTS test scores.

However, scholarships offered by Aarhus University with IELTS exemption include;

  • Danish state scholarships.
  • Global Education Program.
  • Faculty of Arts Scholarships
  • Aarhus BSS Scholarships
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences Scholarships
  • Faculty of Technical Sciences Scholarships

6# Aalborg University Scholarships:

Last but not least we have is Aalborg University. It is another renowned name in Denmark due to its Bachelor’s, Master’s, Exchange, and Engineering programs. All of these programs are research and project-based with practical application.

Application fees of Aalborg University: DKK 780 (Euro 105)
Acceptance Rate of Aalborg University: Moderate

However, admission offers at Aalborg university under international scholarships are also available to the enrolled students. For instance;

7# Roskilde University Scholarships:

The next one we have on our list is Roskilde University, located in Trekroner. That public university has dozens of faculties and research institutes with multiple facilities. However, students can take admission into their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate programs. Roskilde University is considered the best research university in Denmark as it produces approx. 100 extraordinary researchers every year.

According to the reports, the acceptance rate of this amazing university is 9%. Meanwhile, to get admission here, students have to work extra hard to meet the eligibility requirements, like proficiency in the English language, etc. IELTS test scores are not mandatory to submit TOEFL, C1, & C2 tests results are acceptable too.

Admission Application Fee of Roskilde University: 165 EUR for Non-EU/EEA.
Acceptance Rate of Roskilde University: Moderate

International students facing a financial crisis can opt for generous scholarships, tuition-fee waivers, and grants offered by this institution.

Some of the Denmark Scholarships without IELTS at Roskilde University are;

  • Danish State Scholarships.
  • Roskilde University Scholarships.
  • Graduate Degree Programs Scholarships.

Another essential factor to ponder is that students enrolled in the Master’s programs with Non-EU/EEA and Swiss status are eligible for the above-mentioned scholarships.

8# VIA University College Scholarships:

It is another renowned name in Denmark, offering multiple Bachelor’s, Master’s, Exchange, & Summer programs. One can go for these programs in various fields like Health, Technology, Business, Design, etc. On the other hand, the acceptance rate of this university is relatively very high, which means getting admission into their Bachelor’s degree program is not so difficult.

On the other hand, if a candidate is unable to provide IELTS results, then TOEFL, C1, & C2 are equally eligible.

Admission application fee of Via University College: Free
The acceptance rate of Via University College: Easy

Except for the mentioned degree programs, students can also opt for Danish Programs offered by this university.

However, scholarships at VIA University college of Denmark include;

  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programs
  • Via University College Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Via University College Graduate Scholarships

9# Copenhagen Business School Scholarships:

CBS is one of the best business schools in Western Europe, offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs. Not only this, but an interested candidate can also do a Diploma in business education from this school and participate in different research projects.

Acceptance Rate of Copenhagen Business School: 45%
Admission Application Fee of Copenhagen Business school: DKK 750 (Euro 100)

It is not easy to get selected into this Copenhagen Business School due to the strict admission policy and low acceptance rate. However, it has several scholarships to offer to its international and local students funded by the Danish Government. To fulfill language requirements, TOEFL / Cambridge C1 & C2 are required.

As said above, students enrolled here can enjoy various scholarship programs offered by this university and government. For instance;

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