European Government Jobs 2024 by European Public Service Commission

13# Government Oil Refining Industry Jobs in European Countries

Jobs in the oil refining industry are important for the European economy. They provide employment for a large number of people and generate income for governments. And therefore, there are more opportunities for job seekers.

The government oil refinery jobs are highly paid in Europe. In some countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Spain, the oil refineries pay very high salaries to their employees. The salary range is between $100,000-$150,000 per year with benefits like medical insurance and a pension plan.

The US offers excellent opportunities for those who want to earn a good salary while working in government oil refineries.

Canada offers a good salary and benefits packages which include vacation time, pension plans, etc., but you may have to move away from home if you want to get hired here.

The top 5 European government oil refining companies are Royal Dutch Shell, Eni, Total, Glencore, and BP. These companies are all based in Europe, and they each have a significant share of the European oil refining market.

14# Legal Industry Jobs in European Countries

The European Union’s legal system offers numerous opportunities for employment in the public sector, where you can work as an attorney, prosecutor, or judge.

Regarding government legal industry jobs, some European countries offer some of the highest salaries in the world. In Switzerland, for example, government lawyers can expect to earn an average salary of over $98,000 per year. In Norway, the average salary for government lawyers is just shy of $96,000 per year. Even in more modestly-paying countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, government lawyers can still expect to earn a healthy salary of over $80,000 per year. So if you’re looking to enter the government legal industry, you might want to consider looking for a job in one of these European countries.

The average salary for German Government Legal industry jobs is €53,000 per year. Austria, France, and Italy follow this with average salaries of €52,000 annually.

The average salary of legal jobs in the UK is £36,000 per year. In Ireland, legal jobs offer an average salary of €25,000 per year. Switzerland offers a high-paying government legal job with an average salary of CHF46,000 per year.

European countries are known for their strong legal systems, and many top law firms have a presence there. Here are five of the leading government legal companies in Europe:

  1. Allen & Overy
  2. Clifford Chance
  3. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
  4. Linklaters
  5. Garrigues

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