Fastened To Building With A Note, Dog With Deformity Looked For His Girl

Fastened To Building With A Note, Dog With Deformity Looked For His Girl

Qwerty, a unique-looking dog with short spine syndrome, was left tied up outside a shelter overnight with a note that appeared to be written by a child.

The note suggested that his previous family cared for him but did not know how to properly address his needs. Nikki, from Road Dogs Rescue, took Qwerty in and shared his heartwarming story.


Road Dogs Rescue is known for taking in unusual cases, so when the shelter reached out to them about Qwerty, Nikki immediately knew he was a perfect fit for their organization. She took him in personally to foster and determine his temperament and needs. Despite his short spine syndrome making him look different from other dogs, Qwerty is actually quite healthy and happy.


Nikki affectionately calls Qwerty the “happy hyena” because of his unique appearance, which reminds her of a hyena mixed with a frog. Qwerty loves to chase balls and even attempts to climb on furniture, although his condition makes it difficult for him to gain traction. Nikki believes it’s important not to underestimate dogs like Qwerty, as they can bring so much joy and love to a person’s life.

Qwerty’s happy-go-lucky nature and non-judgmental attitude towards himself serve as a reminder that humans tend to complicate life. Dogs like Qwerty enjoy simple pleasures like the beach, food, and good company. Ultimately, Qwerty was adopted by a loving family in Florida, and he was transported across the country from California to join his new forever home.


When asked how she can foster dogs and let them go, Nikki admits that it can be difficult, but she focuses on the fact that she’s a stepping stone in helping them find a great life. She believes it’s more important for the dogs to have a happy life than for her to feel sad about letting them go.

Qwerty’s journey from being abandoned to finding a loving home is an inspiration and a testament to the resilience and love that dogs can bring into our lives. By not underestimating dogs like Qwerty and providing them with the care and support they need, we can help them overcome their challenges and become cherished family members.

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