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Felix Hlophe (born November 11) is a prominent South African radio personality and comedian. His funny comments on the radio have many him very popular with radio listeners.

With many years in the industry, his expertise could only get better. Comedy is what many people try, but a few succeed. He is dominating the industry with new jokes each time he features.

Felix is one of the heavyweights in the South African entertainment scene. Aside from comedy, Hlophe is a father and husband. 

Felix Hlophe
Sibongiseni Shezi biography
Felix Hlophe is a Durban-based radio personality and comedian
Quick Facts
Name:Felix Hlophe
Born:November 11
Place of Birth:South Africa
Nationality:South African
Wife:Tracey Smith
Child:Amile Hlophe
Occupation:Comedian, Radio Personality, Business Man
Native tongue:isiZulu
Residence:Durban, South Africa
Net Worth:$850,000 to $2,000,000

Early Life

Felix Hlophe was born to modest South African parents on November 11. His family instilled in him the discipline that has helped him succeed. His parents provided him with the support and values that shaped him into the man he is now.

Making people laugh has always been easy with it. He discovered his talents at a young age after noticing he could easily make people laugh out loud. He then decided to do comedy professionally.


The comedian attended primary and secondary schools in South Africa.


Felix Hlophe is one of the most sought-after comedians in South Africa. He has held performances at many events, which have boosted his fanbase.

Currently, the comedian works at the popular radio station Gangasi 99.5 FM. He performs in his native tongue, isiZulu, as a standup comedian.

The comedian holds standup gigs in the country. Among his gigs are 99% Zulu Comedy and the Hallelujah Comedy Show at The Playhouse.

His unique style of delivering comedy has made him very popular in South Africa. He appeared in a night performance in South Africa titled, I Hate My Wife and Bad Teacher.

Felix Hlophe is a sought-after comedian and mentor to many upcoming comedians. 

Personal Life

Felix Hlophe is happily married to the love of his life, Tracey Smith. The couple had a colorful wedding ceremony in Durban, South Africa. 

They celebrated the memorable day in the company of friends and well-wishers. Prominent personalities like radio host Linda Sibiya and Pastor Vusi Dube attended the ceremony. Felix and his wife have a child, Amile Hlophe.

Social Media

Hlophe has taken his comedic and radio career to social media. On his verified Instagram account @felixhlophe, the radio personality has garnered over 245 thousand followers. He also posts pictures of his family.


Felix made headlines after Gagasi FM suspended him for allegedly arriving at work late. The suspension was to last for a month. Felix returned on air on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Net Worth

Hlophe is a talented South African radio personality with many years of experience. He has held many shows in many notable events in the country. Felix Hlophe has an estimated net worth of $850,000 to $2,000,000.

Felix Hlophe FAQ

  1. When was Felix Hlophe born?

    Felix was born on November 11 to an average South African family. His parents offered him the best education they could afford. He is of Zulu descent.

  2. When did Felix Hlophe get married?

    Felix Hlophe and his wife got married in November 2018. The couple got hitched in a memorable white wedding ceremony in Durban. The bride and the groom had their bachelorette and bachelor parties a day before.

  3. Where does Felix Hlophe live?

    The standup comedian lives in Durban, a coastal city in eastern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Felix Hlophe lives with his wife and daughter.

  4. Who is Felix Hlophe’s wife?

    Felix Hlophe is happily married to the mother of his child, Tracey Smith. They exchanged their wedding vows in Durban, South Africa. They are proud parents of a baby boy, Amile Hlophe.

  5. Why was Felix Hlophe suspended?

    Gagasi FM suspended Felix Hlophe from work for allegedly arriving late for his Uprising breakfast show. It was not his first time arriving late. According to reports, the management warned him, but still, he continued coming late to work.

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