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Science Po (Campus France) French Gov Scholarships in 2024:

Below listed are the France Government Scholarships list for 2024; open for undergraduate and postgraduate students getting degrees in different niches.

1# Émile Boutmy Scholarships:

International students outside the non-European union can apply for the Émile Boutmy Scholarship program available for BS/MS degree programs. The undergraduate scholarship is open for the 1st year of studies with a tuition grant of €3,600 to €13,190/ year. However, Master’s students will get €12,200/ year as a reward to cover tuition fees for up to two years of their MS degrees.

However, the Emily Boutmy scholarship deadline for the UG award is February 23, 2024. And for the Master’s Award, the Emily Boutmy Scholarship deadline is on November 30, 2024.

2# Mastercard Foundation Scholarships:

Next is Mastercard Scholarships, an initiative by the renowned Mastercard Foundation to financially support African students with good academic performance and leadership qualities. Around 126 students who face hardships in paying their higher studies expenses will get the opportunity to change their lives via Mastercard awards. Such scholarships are available for Bachelor of Arts & Master’s programs at Science Po graduate schools and partnered universities.

The Mastercard foundation scholarship deadline is January 25, 2024, for Bachelor’s program and January 30, 2024, for the Master’s program.

3# Campus France Scholarships:

The French institutions with the Erasmus Mundus Programs offer a variety of scholarships to international students while studying in Europe or France. Eligible applicants can apply for the following scholarships offered by the France Foreign Ministry for Masters and Doctoral degrees. Some of the notable Campus France Scholarships with their deadlines are;

  • Eiffel Excellence Scholarships with the deadline of January 7, 2024
  • AlUla Scholarship Program for MS program: December 31, 2024
  • Amba Dalmia Scholarship for MS degree: July 8, 2024
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Scholarships for Master’s degree: December 31, 2024

4# Home Country Scholarships:

There are also other beneficial scholarships for international students based on their regions, with a 10% or 25% decrease in tuition charges. Interested individuals from different nationalities can apply for the following program:

CROUS Bursaries: These are need-based awards by the French Ministry for European students of age 28 years doing a dual degree or BS degree. Scholarships will be granted considering parents’ income and household earnings. Meanwhile, winners will get fee waivers and living costs.

Deadline for CROUS Bursaries: May 15, 2024.

Other notable scholarships include the Aulagnon-Bettan Prize, Foundation of France Scholarships, Ph.D. study grants for US students, the Luksic Scholarship for Latin Americans, the Charpak scholarship for Indian students doing MS degrees, and many more.

5# Doctoral Program Scholarships:

Doctoral Degree scholarships by the Science Po School of Research offer a golden opportunity to potential students working on their thesis projects. Via these Doctoral scholarships, international researchers will receive funds for the first 4 years of their research program. Meanwhile, interested overseas researchers can also get their hands on American Ph.D. scholarships, Consortium Mobility scheme, & Need-Based Scholarships.

Registration for Doctoral Scholarships opened till April 2024 and is still ongoing.

6# Aulagnon-Bettan Scholarships:

French, European, & Non-European students are welcome to apply for the Aulagnon-Bettan funded awards. That scholarship is open for undergraduate students in the first year, announced by MAB finances. However, winners will be entitled to receive €3,000, €5,000, €7,000, & €15,000 as scholarship rewards. Meanwhile, scholarships will be awarded based on previous academic records and performance in the first year at Science Po. The last date to submit your applications is April 19, 2024.

7# Bourses Talents Scholarships:

Students from Swiss, EU, & Non-Eu countries can apply for the Bourses Talents award. Applicants enrolled in the preparatory courses for Civil Service are eligible and will get €2,000 to €4,000 as a reward to finance their other expenditures. However, grants will be given to the scholars after considering social and academic benchmarks.

The scholarship due date is October 15, 2024.

8# Campus France Grants:

More than 250 scholarships are available for European and Non-European candidates by French Ministry and Higher Education Commission. Interested individuals can apply for these scholarships to subsidize their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs and enjoy unlimited benefits. However, the deadline of each scholarship varies with eligibility requirements. Some of the noble Campus France Worthy Grants are;

  • Excellence Award (July 31, 2024 deadline)
  • Frontenac scholarship (September 16, 2024 deadline)
  • KEDGE Business School (September 30, 2024 deadline), etc.

9# Chalhoub Scholarships:

Overseas applicants from Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, etc., are eligible for the Chalhoub scholarship. To win this award, potential applicants must be enrolled in the undergraduate program at the Menton campus of Science Po. However, the scholarship duration is three years for UG courses with the reward of €14,600/ year. If the scholars continue their studies for the Master’s level, they will get a scholarship for 2 years for an MS degree with the reward of €23,300 per annum.

Chalhoub Scholarship Deadline for UG is February 23, 2024. However, for MS: November 30, 2024

10# Civil Society Leadership Award:

The very noble Civil Society Leadership Award is open to all future leaders from non-EU countries. Students with the potential to bring a dominant and positive change in their societies and countries can opt for the CSLA and avail themselves of the opportunity to sponsor their MS degree under this award.

Interested applicants are requested to submit their applications by May 15, 2024.

11# Eiffel Scholarships:

The noble Eiffel scholarships are open for MS & Doctoral studies for non-EU students, offering €1,181 as a monthly grant, transport services, health insurance, housing facilities, & cultural activities. The essential point to ponder here is that these Eiffel scholarships do not provide tuition fee coverage to the scholars. However, the scholarship is valid till the degree program completes. Applications for Eiffel scholarships must be made via the Higher education institute before October 31, 2024, with language certificates.

12# FDL Programs:

Eligible American citizens holding green cards & doing a two years MS degree can apply for FDL, also known as Federal Direct Loan Program. However, students pursuing a dual degree at Science Po plus USA universities can also get their hands on FDL awards. Meanwhile, the amount of the loan is $20,500 per year. The deadline to submit your applications for FDLP is August 23, 2024.

13# Foundation of France Scholarships:

Overseas students and French nationals have a wide range of options to pick from among the sponsored scholarships offered by the France Foundation and other noble organizations for diverse degree programs. Young researchers, Medical & BSB students, & Orphaned candidates will be entitled to receive fee exemption, living subsidies, scholarship rewards, etc.

Available scholarships are; Audencia Foundation Award, Cécile Pollet Prize, Charles Mercier Foundation Awards, Lopez-Mayer Scholarship, and many more.

The deadline of each scholarship will vary from others.

14# Franco-American Fulbright Commission Scholarship:

The Fulbright Franco Award is a US student program for undergraduate and postgraduate students. That scholarship will allow the applicants to study and carry out a research program in USA or France. However, the scholarship length is twelve months, offering €2,500/ month and a travel allowance of approximately €1,200.

Closing Date: September 15, 2024.

15# French Government AEFE Scholarships:

Best international students from French high schools have the opportunity to pursue their higher education in France under French Government scholarships. It is a joint program of the Foreign Ministry and the French Education Abroad Agency. Around 200 scholarships are awarded per year to 800 students from eighty different countries. Meanwhile, the scholarship duration is five years. Only nominated candidates with exceptional academic results are eligible for these awards.

Deadline: February 2024

16# Henri de Castries Scholarship

French & American students enrolled in the dual degree BS program at Columbia or Berkeley University with Science Po can opt for Henri de Castries Funded Awards. Winners of the Henri de Castries prestigious scholarship will get $10,000 for one year to cover their expenses and tuition fees. Applicants are bound to submit online applications by April 12, 2024.

17# Michel David-Weill Scholarship:

Michel David-Weill Master’s scholarships are in the name of the well-reputed banker David Weill who aimed to bring US citizens to France for postgraduate studies. The MDW scholarship has announced $80,000 as a reward, living subsidies, and tuition fee coverage for selected candidates. However, American citizens enrolled in UG courses with a 3.7 GPA & ages between 19-25 are ideal candidates.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2024.

18# National Administration School Bursary:

EU & Non-EU applicants enrolled at Science Po under preparatory course for National Administration School can sponsor their education via ENA Bursary. Selected students will get the bursary amount of €3156 in four installments. However, as far as eligibility criteria are concerned, applicants must submit the required documents with the letter of commitment before October 4, 2024.

19# Sallie Mae Private Loans:

Sallie Mae is a company granting loans to Undergraduate and Postgraduate American or Green card students willing to study at Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. However, Loans will be granted considering applicants’ and parents’ credit profiles. Meanwhile, financially underprivileged applicants can apply for loans via online application.

20# One-Year MS Program Scholarships:

These one-year Master’s scholarships are awarded to phenomenal students pursuing postgraduate studies in different fields. The sponsorship package of these scholarships includes fee waivers and a reduction in tuition fees from 10% to 50%. However, Fields available for 1-year MS scholarships are; Global studies, Corporate Strategy, Risk Management, Dispute Settlement, Art, Politics, & Public Affairs.

21# Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Scholarship:

The Geneviève-Stewart Foundation has announced McMillan-Stewart merit-based scholarships for African students from Sub-Saharan countries in partnership with Science Po. Undergraduate African students can apply for these scholarships and utilize additional grants and full-tuition fee waivers throughout the degree program.

Deadline: February 23, 2024.

22# CHED Philippines Scholarships:

The Higher Education Commission with the Science Po grants 10 funded scholarships per year to Filipino students. Excellent GPA and good academic background will increase the chances of selection of candidates. Meanwhile, CHED merit scholarships are open for MS & Ph.D. programs. The scholarship duration will last until the degree completes. Additionally, the benefits of these scholarships are; airfare tickets, visa plus tuition fees sponsorship, & living allowance.

Closing Date: April 15, 2024.

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