Free Universities in Switzerland for International students to Study in 2024

Free Universities in Switzerland for International students to Study in 2024

Struggling to decide on the best place you can study in the Continent of Europe? Switzerland is a go-to place for international students and also regarded as one of the best study destinations in Europe. Interestingly there are also Free Universities in Switzerland in 2024 which offer a place to international students; Meaning foreign nationals can apply to study in Switzerland totally tuition-free and fully funded.

Aside from diplomatic reasons, Switzerland also one of Europe’s wealthiest, and one of such countries most sought-after with regards to education of foreign citizens. No wonder tuition free studies can easily be made possible for international students. It has several of its universities listed inside the record of the top 100 in the world. Our verdict: Switzerland is a choice place to begin your study abroad adventure.

Study in Switzerland || Free Universities in Switzerland in 2024

There is no doubt that attending a good quality university abroad can be very expensive. But on the brighter side, there are tuition free universities in Switzerland where you can study for free or a fraction of the price. These universities are open to both domestic and international students to study for any degree in any discipline.

A poll named Switzerland one of the happiest countries in the world this year with ten universities in Switzerland appearance in the post of the top 300 countries in the world. There are so many degree courses or programs to choose from in the Swiss universities. Before we continue to listing the free universities in Switzerland, let’s first talk about a few topics of concern for international students in the study destination.

Studying in English, Cost of Living, Study and Work Opportunities

Switzerland has universities in all four language regions. Most of them are, however, in the German- and the French-speaking parts. Tuition languages are English, German, French or Italian, or blended with the national language/English. If you want to study in Switzerland in English for free, there are several low tuition Universities to choose from, since the they might not be entirely zero tuition.

Meanwhile, there might also be other fees to pay, usually between CHF500 (£340) and CHF600 (£408) per semester in the French part and between CHF800 (£545) and CHF1200 (£816) per semester in German part.

Apart from Tuition fees, there are other things to be considered here, with three Swiss cities ranked amongst the top 5 most expensive places in the world, the cost of living in Switzerland is pretty high.

The good news here is that students are allowed to work for up to 15 hours while they study in Switzerland to help them cover their bills. There are also numerous scholarships to take advantage of as an international student.

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In a nutshell, studying in Switzerland might not necessarily be “cheap”. If you find a tuition-free or low tuition university, there might be other possible little expenses around it. Since “free” means relieving heavy financial burden, you still need to get acquainted with some of the popular low tuition and/or free universities in Switzerland

List of Low Tuition or Free Universities in Switzerland

1. United International Business School

This school has a very high intake rate for international students. It offers limited courses that is based on management to both national and international students. It is also one of the Cheapest Universities in Switzerland.

2. Franklin University Switzerland

This University provides a wide range of academic disciplines and programs in nothing undergraduate and graduate level studies. It is one of the cheapest universities in Switzerland. It has a large intake rate of 60% for international students.

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3. The University of Lucerne

This University was established in 2000. It also provides a lot of understanding and post graduate programs. It is a very cheap University with a high level of excellence. It has an intake rate of 70% for international students.

4. Swiss Business School

This Business school has a fair intake rate. It provides both management and business courses to both domestic and international students. For its level of excellence, it is very cheap for international students.

5. Kalaidos University of Applied Science

This is a reputable University of Science and technology. It is very famous for providing several science related programs. It also has very low Tuition fees and a high intake rate for international students.

6. Cesarittz Colleges

This is one of the best colleges in Switzerland for both national and international students who are pursuing their degrees. It is a low tuition fee University with very decent intake rate too. Maybe a little higher on the fees compared to others, but you have an option to work and study during your program here.

7. University of Business and International Studies

This is considered one of the best management and business universities in Switzerland. It specializes in management and business courses only. It has a decent intake rate with a fairly low fees for international students.

8. Geneva Business School

This is a very reputable business school in Switzerland. It was established in 1995. The University offers both finance and business education to its students. It even provides several scholarship opportunities for international students to complete their education. The Geneva University has an intake rate of 60% and can be ranked as a low tuition fee University.

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9. University of St Gallen

The University of st. Gallen is known for providing sound education for both international and domestic students, even if it is a very cheap university. It has a very high intake rate and students. Though their tuition fee for foreign nationals is currently about CHF 3,129. It is still low compared to the general European tuition ranges.

10. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is the oldest University in Switzerland. It was Established in 1885. It has a large amount of both domestic and international students at the different education levels. The Zurich University is a very reputable university with high intake rate and very low tuition fees (a compulsory semester fee of CHF 69.00.)

If you are looking to study in Switzerland, the above listed free universities in Switzerland can help you achieve your study abroad dream with little or no tuition fees commitment at all.

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