Is Cedric Fourie Gay? Everything About His Sexuality

Cedric Fourie gay rumours

Skeem Saam star Cedric Fourie has many curious about his sexuality after he dropped some posts on social media. He decided to make his sexuality open to set the records straight.

In November 2018, Cedric and Lasizwe made headlines after they appeared together at the 10th annual Feather Awards. Afterward, they began posting cozy images and videos of them hanging out together.

His friendship with the Youtuber LaSizwe Dambuza has raised suspicion about his sexuality. He has received tons of homophobic comments, to the extent many called him a waste of a man.

Triggering different reactions, many concluded they were an item, while others remained confused. The duo refused to come out open to refute or confirm these claims.

Tweeps concluded that they were together, which caused a mixed reaction. Some admired them as a couple, while others rained homophobic comments at them.

In an interview with DRUM in 2018, when asked What was his relation to Lasizwe? “Lol, he has advised me to not answer this question just as yet”, was his reply.

However, he denied being a part of the LGBTQI+ community but claimed to be merely an active ally.

In 2020, trolls dragged the fitness enthusiast and constantly called him gay on social media. He clapped back at them and told them to say what they knew.

“Don’t talk about things you don’t know. I’m an LGBTQI+ Ally I’m not gay. Don’t say “facts” when you can’t prove them. I help gay and lesbians have equal rights like all of us. Pictures don’t mean jack, get your facts straight”

Zaleb reported in November 2020 that Cedric Fourie dated the Ugandan beauty Zari Hassan. Their relationship ended in tears, but they are still on good terms.

Zari allegedly introduced Cedric to the world as King Bae a few months after ending his relationship with Diamond in 2018.

Cedric has been battling these gay rumors since 2018 after he and his friend walked the Feather Awards red carpets.

Many have many bitter things to say, with many attacking them on social media. Though Cedric Fourie continues stand on not being gay, his posts make many think otherwise.