Jobs for Fresh Graduates in Europe 2024 – Submit Resume (CV)

If you are considering to start working at any European company then Jobs for fresh graduates are currently open in Europe for the recruitment cycle of 2024. So, are you planning to settle in Europe? Or do you want to have experience in a reputable company to master your skills? Are you looking for fresh graduate recruitment programs? Well, then you have landed at the right place.

Europe is the biggest hub when it comes to the automotive industry, information technology, and healthcare. So, there are multiple vacancies in different countries and fresh graduate programs that will not only provide you stable income but also experience. Vacancies are available in both the public and private sectors.

However, you need to have proper qualifications from a world-recognized university or college and pass the English fluency test before applying for these jobs. The qualification and requirements of these jobs vary from field to field.

10 Big Companies Offering Jobs to Fresh Graduates

We have mentioned the 10 biggest industries along with the company which is hiring fresh graduates.

1# Volkswagen; Automotive Industry Jobs

When it comes to the biggest multinational companies in Europe, then the first name that pops up in our head is Volkswagen. The multinational company is looking for experts in the automobile industry to expand its team. No matter whether you are a student, a fresh university graduate, or a professional. You can find jobs in different fields at Volkswagen. The salaries at Volkswagon start at $41k and can go up to $304k depending upon your designation.

Vacancies: Especially if you have experience in IT and Digital marketing, then you can find multiple vacancies at Volkswagen. You can also go for their Trainee Startup cross programs.

Benefits: You can also enjoy multiple benefits. They offer health and life insurance, Retirement and financial programs, employee discounts, paternity leaves, and professional support.

You can apply for jobs here.

2# Airbus SE: Airline Jobs

Airbus SE is one of the biggest multinational companies that deal in aerospace products in Europe. It is popular for supplying military space products all over the world. Although the company was founded in France, it has offices all over the world. Students, Fresh graduates, and professionals can all apply for their vacancies. They offer visa sponsorship jobs as well. The salaries at Airbus AE range from $43k to $179K.

Vacancies: Right now numerous vacancies are available in different fields. These include Engineering, Finance, Customer Support, Software engineering, management, and development.

Benefits: Just like other multinational companies, Airbus SE offers numerous benefits to its employees. These include a 401K employees program, paid holidays, paid sick leaves, life insurance, a casual environment and dress code in the office, and training programs for students and new employees.

You can apply for jobs here.

3# ABB: Electronic Industry Jobs

ABB is one of the biggest multinational companies in Europe that deals with electrical equipment. Especially, if you have experience in digital technology, robotics, motion, automation, and electrification, then you can find multiple vacancies and recruitment programs that offer visa sponsorship.

Vacancies: The company offers jobs for students, fresh grads, and experts. Vacancies in engineering include project, automation, electrical, and software engineers. You can also apply for jobs that involve manufacturing, inspection, and production.

Benefits: You can enjoy numerous benefits at ABB including, disability insurance, dental benefits, life and mental health insurance, health insurance, and a flexible spending account.

You can apply for jobs here.

4# Mercedes-Benz: Automotive Industry Jobs

One of the most popular luxury automobile companies in Europe is Mercedez-Benz. The company has earned a reputation for providing the best and the most expensive cars and other vehicles all across the world. The company is expanding, and thus, it is looking for professionals and fresh graduates to add to its team of specialists. The company not only offers a healthy package, but also numerous other benefits.

Vacancies: You can find numerous vacant positions like engineering, technicians, retail jobs, and corporate office jobs.

Benefits: They offer benefits like employee discounts, training programs, pension plans, exclusive vehicle offers, flexible working hours, pensions, and health and life insurance.

You can apply for the job here.

5# Engie: Electric Industry Jobs

Engie is another multinational company that is looking for international graduates. The company work in electricity generation, distribution, and energy transition. It uses petroleum, natural gas, and nuclear energy sources for this purpose. The company is working with around 27 European companies. So, you can not only find numerous vacancies but also VISA sponsorship jobs.

Vacancies: Most vacancies are present in the fields of engineering, maintenance, construction, installation, IT experts, and marketing or sales manager.


Engie offers numerous benefits like health and life insurance and 401(k) plans. The health insurance also covers dental charges. In addition, they offers, health care, lifestyle wellness savings account, and flexible spending account. You can also enjoy a paid vacation while working at engie.

You can apply for jobs here.

6# BASF: Chemical Industry Jobs

When it comes to chemical industries, BASF has maintained its reputation for years. The company offers VISA sponsorship jobs to people all across the world for work in Europe. No matter whether you are a student or an expert. You can apply for jobs in vacant fields. The salaries at BASF start at $62K and can go up to $151K based on your qualification and experience.

Vacancies: Numerous vacancies are available in finance, construction, application technology, and administration. You can apply for a project manager, project supervisor, or supervisor job.

Benefits: Employee benefits at BASF are accident insurance, health insurance, and retirement benefits. In addition, they also help you in relocating by paying some housing stipend.

You can apply for jobs here.

7# Deutsche Bank: Finance and Banking Jobs

Deutsche is one of the investment banks that is located in different countries all around Europe. The bank offers financial services and investment opportunities to the people. Currently, it is working in around 58 countries. So, they are hiring the most professional people from all around the world to fill their labor shortage. Fresh graduates can also apply for their global graduate programs that offer on-the-job learning and training.

Vacancies: In addition to banking and finance, you can apply for marketing, investment management, capital management, sales, and administration.

Benefits: The bank offers proper support and all kinds of emotional and financial counseling to its employees. No to mention the annual leave with their leave allowance. Plus, their flexible working hours are what draws the attention of most fresh graduates.

You can look for jobs here.

8# Nokia: Communication Technology Jobs

When it comes to the world of telecommunication no one is unfamiliar with Nokia. The company offers consumer electronics and IT products all across the world. As the company is working to maintain its name, they are hiring professionals from all across the world. In addition, they are also providing opportunities for fresh graduates to learn and master their skills. The pay at Nokia starts at $76k and can go up to $161k per year.

Vacancies: You can apply for jobs related to sales, IT, and management. Vacancies are also available in finance and development

You can apply here.

9# Police: Government Jobs for Legal Services

Now, non-UK residents and even apply for fresh graduate recruitment programs in the police department. The government programs demand you to have a work Visa and the necessary qualification. You need to have a Level 3 qualification, and policing license degree before enrolling in the program. The salaries for constable starts at 21k pounds and can go to 41k pounds at higher scales. However, sergeants, inspectors, and chief inspectors earn certainly higher.

Vacancies: Currently two programs are working, i.e., the National graduate internship program, and the National Detective program.

Benefits: The police department demands hard work. But they offer numerous benefits to its employees to compensate. Paid sick leaves, 22 days annual leave, free local travel, pension, and flexible working hours are some of them.

You can apply here.

10# Healthcare jobs In Europe

The healthcare industry has been growing at a great pace in Europe for a few years. Therefore, they are hiring specialists and training fresh graduates to fulfill their labor shortage. However, make sure to complete your degree in healthcare, and pass the English fluency test for the selected country to get a VISA sponsorship. The average salary that most workers receive is $32K annually. However, it depends upon your qualification and job post. The top companies that are looking for healthcare workers include, Medtronic, Novartis, Johnson and Johnson, Nestle, etc.

Vacancies: You can apply for posts like nurses, doctors, veterinarians, maintenance and cleaning staff, technologists, anesthesiologists, specialists, etc.

Benefits: You can enjoy numerous benefits while working in Europe, these include, freedom of mobility, paid leaves after finishing 80 hours in emergency, health insurance, and other social and economic benefits.

You can apply for jobs here.

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