Lithuania Scholarships 2024-2025 for International Students

Why You Must Consider Studying in Lithuania in 2024?

There are many reasons why you should achieve your higher education in Lithuania. It is not just a wonderful and dazzling place for visiting purposes but also attracts international students for higher studies.

  • Internationally Recognized Higher Education System:

Lithuania ranks 59th position among the most recent higher education rankings by the US News and World Report. Lithuania consists of 24 colleges and 22 universities that offer internationally recognized academic programs and qualifications.

  • Provision of Affordable Education:

Lithuania has a higher education system that costs relatively much lower as compared to institutes found in the USA and UK. Moreover, international students are also welcome to apply for Lithuanian scholarships.

  • Provision of Affordable Living:

The cost of living in Lithuania is super affordable than 54% of the countries in the world. Not only residency, but the cost of transportation, utilities, leisure, and sports are cheap according to a survey by the Cost of Living Reports.

  • Easy access to the rest of Europe:

Lithuania is located in central Europe, making it a great portal to the rest of Europe. All the major European travel destinations are just two to three hours of flight away. So you can easily travel during your semester breaks.

  • Friendly and peaceful ambiance:

The citizens of this country are known to be very hospitable and friendly. Many of the Lithuanians are bilinguals. They will surely make you feel at home and you can never be homesick when you’re in the company of Lithuanians.

Lithuania is well-known for its world-class health infrastructure and has been ranked first in Central and Eastern Europe in the Green City Index. Lithuania is a place full of breathtaking sights and greenery. The country has pine forests and lakes that are calm and clear, providing you an escape when you’re tired of studying hard.

Lithuania is enriched with modern culture and heritage. Studying in a dreamy place like Lithuania where you get to explore, is something far beyond adventure. The country is full of German gothic, Italian Baroque, and French Classicist architecture, which will guarantee to give you goosebumps at each glimpse.

Lithuania has flexible visa policies and especially for students. It always welcomes international students and unlike other countries, it allows them to work 20 hours a week, so long as they are enrolled. 

The medium of conversation in most Lithuanian universities is English. Therefore, international students with fluent English speaking skills do not have to submit test scores of English.

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