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International students interested to study in Europe in a country like Netherlands can take this opportunity with both hands as you can choose from the list below 2024-2025 Netherlands scholarships without IELTS which are 100% fully-funded by private and government in the Netherlands. Applying for these scholarships can be multitasking as you can free study in Europe with various options these scholarships are offering for the international students.

Working out for a Higher Degree after your high school certificate examination? Applying for a master degree or postgraduate degree in a country like Netherland? The Netherlands Government in conjunction with other private Firms are willing to fully sponsor your Education for as long as possible on a scholarship. You want any of these scholarships? you will have to merit it with your Academic records for Undergraduate degree, Master’s Degree or postgraduate Degrees to be Eligible to study in Europe in a country like Netherlands.

Netherlands as a country is a good place to study as we have some of the best universities like Leiden University, University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University and Wageningen University & Research. These universities in Netherlands has make names for themselves in recent years in the country and also among some of the top universities in the world right now. Apply for Netherlands Scholarships without IELTS in 2024-2025 in these universities could be your best chance because the tuition fees of these universities for Undergraduate, Master’s and postgraduate Degree programs can be Very expensive.

Benefits from the range of scholarships listed below in Netherlands as this can earn you your desired Course of study as you tend to pursue a Goal in your Academics. These Universities offers research-oriented programs/short courses for all level so applicants are benefitting solely base on their interest and this is a delight so you will get exactly what you seek to study more during your studies. Learning in Netherland has been so easy as studying in your home country because most of these Universities in Netherlands taught Using the English Language.

Let’s take a Look quite a number of Netherlands Scholarships without IELTS or TOEFL to apply for in 2024 on a fully-funded Sponsorship.


Country: Netherlands / Hollands

Scholarship Program: Undergraduates & Master’s 

Length of Study: 1years, 2years and 4years

Financial coverage: Fully-Funded


Blow are some of the benefits you start Enjoying as soon as you are considered and have an approved  scholarships with any of these universities in The Netherlands

You can Receive from €5,000 up to€10,000 in your first year of study

Covers full Tuition fees, Travelling Expenses, Insurance, Bank Allowance and other benefits

Some Scholarships beneficiaries are placed on Monthly stipends

You get Free Accommodation to live in a very conducive area.

Maximum Support from Scholarship Sponsors are guaranteed.

Below are some of these 2023 Netherlands Scholarships Without IELTS listed;

Holland Government Scholarships

The Netherlands Government through the Ministry Of Education is offering opportunities to International Students to Apply for the Holland Government scholarships in 2024-2025. This scholarships is open to all Countries with a specified numbers of scholarships available in 2024/2025 for bachelor’s and master’s Degree. A fully-funded scholarship for United Kingdom Citizens through the Excellence Foreign students with about 2,100+ programs in English without IELTS certificate. Academic fields like Management, Technology and Engineering are offered at the Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology.

A number of Universities are under the Holland Government scholarships and these universities are follows

  • University of Groningen
  • Leiden University
  • Tilburg University
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Maastricht University
  • University of Twente
  • Theological University Apeldoorn
  • VU Amsterdam
  • Radboud University
  • Theological University
  • Delft University of Technology
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Wageningen University
  • Protestant Theological University
  • Utrecht University

The total number of universities under the Holland Government Scholarships Amounts to 41 universities as you can further make your research,

Mr Julia Henriette Jaarsma-Adolfs Fund Scholarship 2024 – 2025 Application | Fully Funded


For further details on How to Apply, Scholarship opportunities and requirements, Scholarship Process, Deadline Date and lots More Visit Here

Maastricht University Scholarships

As the name Implies It is a scholarship at the University of Maastricht which is fully funded. This scholarship is a very competitive one as only 2% of the total number of applicants get to benefit from this Netherlands Scholarships without IELTS. The Maastricht Scholarship is fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of education which is to aid international students outside the EU/EEA who applied as a full time student for Full-time Course programs.

It is a high potential scholarship program to high talented students outside the EU countries with Benefit of €29,000 a tuition fee and monthly Stipend included for each academic year.


For further details on How to Apply, Scholarship opportunities and requirements, Scholarship Process, Deadline Date and lots More Visit Here

Justus & Louise Excellence Scholarships

International students are eligible to benefit from the justus & louise Excellence Scholarships which amounts to some scholarship offer by TU Delft. You can get more information about TU Delft excellence scholarship through Justus and Louise van effen Excellence Scholarship gives opportunities to international students across continents to establish their pursue in the educational agenda.

Number of scholarship: 2 per Faculty

Program: For Master’s Degree

Financial Coverage: Fully-Funded scholarship.

Applicants who have been given scholarships will be contacted by the relevant institution for further details by the end of march 2024.


For further details on How to Apply, Scholarship opportunities and requirements, Scholarship Process, Deadline Date and lots More Visit Here

Netherland Orange Knowledge Scholarship 2024-2025

Another Netherlands Scholarships without IELTS Fully-Funded is the Netherlands Orange Knowledge Scholarship (OKP – Orange Knowledge Scholarship) which is offered by the Netherland Government through the Ministry Of education with the sole Responsibility of contributing its quote to a sustainable development and making the world a global community by contributing it’s quota to its enabling environment.

Although, Not all countries are eligible to participate in Orange knowledge Scholarship (OKP) as its is open to some specific countries in Africa, Asia and Europe and opens to mid-career professional, courses

About Scholarships

Scholarships are available for a selection of:

  • Short courses (2weeks to 12 months);
  • Master’s program (12 – 24 months).

For further details on How to Apply, Scholarship opportunities and requirements, Scholarship Process, Deadline Date and lots More Visit Here

The MENA Scholarship Program

This is a scholarship program for international student as it provide short courses  in the Netherlands for middle East Asia and Northern Africa. This offers opportunities to capacity building  by enabling learners to apply as it facilitates tailor made training for organizations in the region.

Fully-funded Netherlands Scholarships without IELTS by the Ministry of Foreign affairs being managed by Nuffic and in conjunction with the Shiraka Programme.


For further details on How to Apply, Scholarship opportunities and requirements, Scholarship Process, Deadline Date and lots More Visit Here

Amsterdam Merit Scholarship Application 2024 – 2025 | Study In Netherlands
Orange Knowledge Scholarship 2024 to Study in Netherlands – How To Apply


After applying and Gaining any of these scholarships listed above, the list of universities that do not consider IELTS before You can start up your scholarship programs are as follows

AS mention Above scholarships offered as specified to specific Universities as these universities are Tuition free in the Netherlands with Scholarships without IELTS


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