British Council Scholarships 2024-2025 | UK Admissions Open

The British Council fully-funded Scholarships 2024-2025 got announced recently at all UK Universities. Anyone can apply for these British Council Scholarships without the IELTS exam requirement if English language proficiency can be justified by any means. Application fees is not needed to be submitted to apply for the British Council Scholarships.

Scholarships by British Council Cover:

Below are the financial benefits that will be issued in full or half to the British scholarship winners;

  • Discounted or full waiver from University fee expense
  • Scholarship grants monthly or fixed stipend money
  • Thesis and Dissertation printing funds
  • Living accommodation facility
  • Student Medical & Health Insurance
  • Access to all Libraries and laboratories if needed
  • Funds to cover book, meal, and other expenses

Applying for the Scholarship at British Universities

The application process for these British Council scholarships without IELTS is quite straightforward and can be completed online. First, you will need to create an account with the British Council. After creating your account, you can apply for a suitable scholarship announced by British Council by following these steps:

Create a profile on the website that allows you to register as an applicant and link it with your details such as name, address, and e-mail address.

Once registered as an applicant, go through the application process and fill out all required details carefully.

If required, upload all necessary documents such as your CV/resume and reference letters.

Submit your British Council Scholarship application form online along with any other supporting documents related to your application forms, such as proof of enrolment or copies of certificates or degrees achieved so far (if any).

The British Council offers fully-funded scholarships to encourage young people from across the world who wish to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom through the British Council’s several generous scholarship programs. It assists UK schools, universities, and colleges concerning their international links. All of these British Council Scholarship awards are supported by the government of the United Kingdom and are available for bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate degrees.

No IELTS British Council Scholarships 2024-2025

The UK offers admissions in all degree programs offered at all British Universities under British Council Scholarships 2024. The majority of UK universities offer online degrees and distance learning scholarships. British Universities have also partnered with British Council to offer joint British Council Scholarships as explained in the below listings.

Many British Council scholarships available for international applicants are listed below:

0# British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM

The British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM are aimed at female students studying a subject related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at the undergraduate level. The awards are worth up to £5,000 per annum for three years and can be used to pay tuition fees, maintenance costs, or equipment rental. This British Council STEM Scholarship requires a minimum IELTS score of 6.

1# University of Exeter Scholarships by British Council

British fully-funded Scholarships at the University of Exeter for the batch of 2024-2025 are announced for admissions in their academic exchange programs, short courses, and long course degree options. IELTS is not a mandatory requirement for admissions at the University of Exeter if candidates hold an English language proficiency or PTE/TOEFL.

The University of Exeter is one of the top universities in the United Kingdom, founded in 1851, and has three campuses. Out of which two are in Exeter that is the Stratham and St. Luke’s. However, the third one is in Cornwall, which is the Penryn campus.

According to the reports, Exeter University has more than two hundred undergraduate and postgraduate programs for local and overseas candidates. In recent years, the University of Exeter gave admissions to around 5140 students from almost more than 130 countries.

2# University of Oxford International Scholarships

Oxford University awards full scholarships to both international and local students. International students can apply for a variety of internal grants and scholarships. These British Council Scholarship awards at Oxford University are available to graduates of any nationality or citizenship status. Students awarded this Scholarship will receive a stipend of £6,500 per year. Applicants must have passed an IELTS test with a minimum overall score of 7.0 and no band below 6.5 in any component.

3# Liverpool University Scholarships

Online applications for the Liverpool University fully-funded scholarships are currently open for the coming session of 2024. International students with financial instability can apply for these sponsored schemes available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate studies. Moreover, interested individuals can opt for such valuable scholarships with no particular IELTS requirements.

Completing higher studies at the renowned Liverpool University, England, under the scholarship program is a wish of every student from a low-income country. But, it is not a walk in the garden. Potential candidates need to work extra hard to win these England scholarships and get rid of high tuition fees & other expenses during the study trip to the UK.

Meanwhile, Liverpool University is one of the oldest public universities that offers outstanding research facilities, versatile degree programs in all subjects, quality education, etc. However, 7k or above international students are currently enrolled here in different academic and research programs. Out of them, applicants with exceptional skills, talent, good academic results, and sporty backgrounds are enjoying scholarships with or without IELTS scores.

4# British Council Swansea University Scholarships

The  Swansea University Scholarships are available to students from across the globe. You can apply for this British Council Scholarship if you have a valid UK visa. You must be enrolled in a full-time degree program at Swansea University. The University of Swansea provides an annual stipend of £9,400 plus benefits. This British Council Scholarship offered at Swansea University requires no IELTS.

5# British Council Great Scholarships

The Great scholarships grant 310 scholarships for students from 18 countries to study various fields at British universities. Each award is worth at least £10,000 towards tuition fees for a one-year taught postgraduate program. To be eligible for this Scholarship, candidates must meet the English proficiency requirements and hold a bachelor’s degree to enroll in a postgraduate program.

6# British Council Merton College Scholarships

The Scholarship is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students and covers all fees, accommodation, and maintenance costs for a year-long course. The Scholarship is worth up to £9,000 per academic year and will be awarded based on academic achievement and financial need. To be eligible, You must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree and have a good score on the IELTS test.

7# University of Suffolk Scholarships

2024 Spring Intake Admissions announced at the British University of Suffolk on British Scholarships for the class of 2024-2025 for all degree courses, and levels.

So, are you passionate about completing your higher studies at one of the top-notch universities in the UK? If it is a yes, then here is your chance. The prestigious Suffolk university in England is waiting for deserving international candidates to come and pursue BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in all disciplines. Moreover, financially challenged students who cannot afford to pay their tuition fees can apply for Suffolk’s fully-funded scholarships with or without IELTS scores and enjoy unlimited benefits till degree completion.

8# British Council Commonwealth UK Scholarships

The British Council Commonwealth UK Scholarship is worth £2,000 per year for three years of study at any university in the UK, including undergraduate and postgraduate levels. To be eligible, applicants must study for a degree, diploma, or other academic qualification at an approved UK university or college and have an IELTS certificate.

9# British Council Scotland’s Scholarships

These Scotland Scholarships are open to anyone interested to study for free in Scotland at any level, including those who have already graduated. Successful candidates will receive a bursary worth £2,000 per annum for two years. Scotland Saltire scholarships are also offered to international students which are fully-funded European Scholarships. To apply for a Saltire Scholarship, candidates must hold a place at a Scottish institution on an appropriate course IELTS diploma and its equivalent.

10# British Council Global Doctoral Scholarships

British Council Global Doctoral Scholarships are offered to students worldwide who want to study doctoral studies at British Council-supported institutions. The scholarship program awards up to £5,000 per year for up to three years and covers the full cost of tuition fees and living expenses for one year. The applicants must demonstrate excellent English language skills (minimum IELTS score of 7.0).

11# British Council Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarship is a global independent study program. Scholarships offer 1,800 Scholarships to 160 nations ranging from £3,000 to £15,000 awards per year and must be taught in English (although this is not a requirement if your language of instruction is not English). You can apply for the Masters’s/MPhil degree programs under a Chevening scholarship program.

12# Goldsmiths University International Scholarship in the UK

The British Council Goldsmiths University International Scholarship is available to applicants who have achieved high grades in their A-level or equivalent examinations and have been accepted by several UK universities. The Scholarship is worth £8,000 per year. The Scholarship covers full tuition fees but doesn’t cover living expenses or travel costs.

13# University of Sussex Scholarships

The British Council is an international organization promoting UK education, culture, and science globally. The British University of Sussex offers over 200 scholarships to students from around the world. Scholarship worth £5,000 towards the cost of tuition fees or £7,500 if studying an Executive Masters) with an annual stipend of £5,000. You may be eligible to apply as a full-time undergraduate student at Sussex University,

Sussex graduate scholarships, Sussex undergrad scholarships, Sussex Chancellors’ Scholarships, and Sussex master’s degree scholarships are very popular among international students.

14# University of Bristol Scholarships

The University of Bristol offers many scholarships for international students. The Scholarship covers tuition fees, maintenance, and travel expenses, as well as a monthly stipend of £1,500 for the duration of your degree. To apply, the applicants hold a high school diploma (or equivalent), a GPA of 3.2 (3.4 for demanding courses), and at least two AP exam scores of 4. You’ll need a valid English language qualification indicating you met the target grade.

15# British Council Rhodes Scholarships

The Rhodes Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements and potential for future leadership in the UK. The Rhodes Scholarship is worth £1,500 per year for three years (or £2,000 if they are studying full-time). Candidates must have completed at least one year’s study and an IELTS diploma and its equivalent to qualify for this award.

16# British Council Marshal Scholarships

The Marshal scholarships apply to applicants awarded a degree in any subject from a recognized university. To apply, students must have completed their postgraduate studies within the last five years. The award will be £5,000 per annum for four years, with an additional £1,000 awarded at graduation. No IELTS is required for this Scholarship.

17# British Council Euraxess Scholarships

The British Council Euraxess Scholarships are designed to help talented students from around the world study and develop their skills in the UK. The awards range from £1,000 to £2,500 per annum, depending on education and experience. Applicants must have completed at least one year of higher education or have equivalent qualifications with IELTS and any equivalent course to apply.

18# British Council Bolton University Scholarships

The British Council Bolton University Scholarships are available to international students who wish to study at the University of Bolton and UK students who wish to study in the UK. The Scholarship covers all fees, accommodation, and travel costs for one academic year (12 months), including the teaching period of the course. The Scholarship is worth up to £2,000 per year for a four-year degree course in any subject area.

19# British Council Reach Oxford University Scholarships

The Reach Oxford scholarships are open to students from all over the world applying to study at British universities. The Reach Oxford University awards scholarships for up to £5,000 towards tuition fees. To be eligible for this Scholarship, you must be a citizen or resident of any country. This British Council Reach Scholarship offered at Oxford University is exempted from IELTS and free from application fee charges.

20# British Council Royal Society Grants Scholarships

The British Council Royal Society Grants Scholarships are for UK and EU students to study at institutions in the UK. Applicants can apply if they have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate diploma/MA degree within the last two years or are studying towards one of these qualifications at the time of applying. Scholars receive £10,000 and conference travel expenses. No IELTS is required to apply for most British Council Scholarships that come under Royal Society of Science Grants.

21# British Council Edinburgh University Scholarships

The Scholarship is awarded by the University of Edinburgh and is available to students from all countries who are accepted onto a full degree course. Each Scholarship will give you £10,000, which will be taken off your tuition fees. At the University of Edinburgh, the Scholarship will be offered to a Kenyan national or resident admitted into a full-time LLM or MSc program in the School of Law.

22# British Council Clarendon University Scholarships

Clarendon offers approximately 170 fully-funded graduate scholarships each year and is one of Oxford’s most dynamic, international, and multidisciplinary institutions. The Clarendon University Scholarship is worth up to £5,200 per year over three years (or £1,800 per year over one year). Applying students can be of any nationality, ethnicity, race, or gender. There is no restriction on IELTS to apply for Clarendon University Scholarships..

23# British Council Birmingham University Scholarships

The British Council Birmingham University Scholarship is open to international students who have completed their first year at a UK university. Birmingham University offers Global Master Scholarships, British Commonwealth Scholarships, and fixed amount funding that offers an annual £3,000 bursary with the possibility of a £1,000 cash award. You must also have English language proficiency to apply for a scholarship at the University of Birmingham.

24# British Council Nottingham University Scholarships

This Scholarship is for international students who have recently completed their undergraduate The Scholarship covers all tuition fees, including those at Nottingham University, and a monthly stipend of £1,500 (or equivalent). You will also receive an allowance for living costs (currently £1,000 per month). There are no restrictions on the nationality or domicile of the candidate or applicant’s parents. Applicants applying for a scholarship or admission at the University of Nottingham must have an English language test result, such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL.

25# British Council Gates Cambridge University Scholarships

The Gates Scholarship 2024 will cover up to two years of full-time undergraduate or postgraduate tuition fees, plus living costs and maintenance allowances. You will also be eligible for a monthly stipend of £1,000 for the first year of your course. You are eligible to apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship if you are pursuing a Mphil or a Ph.D. You must present an IELTS certificate or an equivalent qualification in order to apply for a Gates Scholarship at Cambridge.

26# British Council Warwick University Scholarships

The Warwick International Scholarships are awarded to international students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course at Warwick University. The scholarships are worth £10,000 per annum and will cover tuition fees only. If you are studying at a postgraduate level, you will be eligible for an additional £8,000 per year in grant funding. IELTS of at least 6.5, TOEFL, PTE, or DET is required for this Warwick University Scholarship.

27# British Council Glasgow University Scholarships

Glasgow University offers various scholarships such as international leaders scholarship, new EU scholarships, alumni scholarships, and Undergrad student scholarships. Glasgow University fixed fund scholarship awards are worth up to £9000 per year for three years or £6000 per year for two years, with an additional £1000 available for exceptional candidates.

Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply for most of the scholarships offered by Glasgow university. The University of Glasgow sets a minimum English proficiency level for non-native speakers and therefore International Baccalaureate, TOEFL, or IELTS are accepted for admission.

28# University of Strathclyde Scholarships

International Students’ admission applications are now being accepted under the fully-funded Royal University of Strathclyde British Scholarships without IELTS for the 2024 batch. IELTS is not the only English language requirement for admissions at Strathclyde University. This means candidates with approved IELTS alternative certs can also submit admission applications. The University of Strathclyde is the second oldest Royal University-based right in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

Strathclyde University has focused its progress on research. It has consistently ranked as one of the best political science universities. The University of Strathclyde offers an innovative and multifaceted environment where a high number of facilities are available to those students eager to master their knowledge. Strathclyde is committed to making the most skilled and productive humans out of the students for the incredibly competitive job markets.


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