Argentina Scholarships Without IELTS in 2024 – Study for free in Argentina

The fully/partially-funded Argentina scholarships for the intake session of 2024 are currently open for all local and international students. IELTS is not a mandatory English language proficiency requirement at Argentinian Universities for admissions. IELTS alternative certs are also accepted as valid proof of English language skills in Argentina.

Gather all your necessary scholarship documents and academic transcripts and apply for a suitable scholarship scheme to complete your undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in one of the prestigious universities of Argentina.

Argentina is a state that lies in South America, famous for its wildlife, picturesque, high-quality education, and funded scholarships with some valuable academic coverage packages for its natives and international students. Generally, the interested applicants have the option to take admission into either public or private universities, both equal in education level.

However, public universities are completely free of any cost for students having study permits. Contrastingly, private universities charge a lot of money in the name of tuition fees, like US$5,000 to US$15,000/ year for undergraduate or graduate degree programs.

But, do not worry as these Argentina private universities also offer dozens of generous scholarships to deserving students and aid them throughout their educational journey.

English Language Requirements in Argentina

The predominant language in Argentina is Spanish, and most universities conduct courses in the Spanish language. But this statement should not bother the interested applicants as such institutes also offer courses in the English language for overseas candidates. By doing so, they are building a strong communication bridge between locals and international students.

English Language Proficiency Requirements to study in Argentina:

To secure admission or win scholarships at Argentina universities, candidates must meet the English language Proficiency criteria. If they want to take courses in the English language, submit the IELTS, or DET, Cambridge tests, or IELTS alternative, TOEFL, or any other acceptable language test scores. However, for those who wish to study in the Spanish language, submit the CELU (Certificate of Spanish Language and Use) scores to meet the language test requirements.

Top Most Reasons to study in Argentina:

It would not be wrong to say that choose the destination for your higher education wisely as your future life and career depends upon it. Several reasons will justify the reasons for choosing Argentina for higher studies.

  • No tuition fees for students enrolled in public universities.
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate level courses are completely free.
  • Scholarships for the students of lower-income families.
  • Tuition grants and Valuable Scholarship Rewards.
  • A golden opportunity to earn via a part-time job.
  • Excellent Academic and Networking Opportunities.
  • Housing facilities to facilitate the candidates at affordable costs.

Funding Packages to Expect from Argentina Scholarships:

Following is the academic funding provided by the Argentina scholarships for the scholarship winners.

  • Tuition Fee Subsidy and grants
  • Travel reimbursements / Round Air Tickets
  • Scholarship Rewards
  • Health Insurance
  • Study Costs
  • Accommodation coverage to stay at university dorms
  • Monthly/ Annual Stipends
  • Sports club membership
  • Chance to gain work experience as well

List of Courses Available at Argentina Universities:

Passionate students have the choice to get enrolled under the following diverse fields in Argentine Universities; for instance;

  • Medicine
  • Natural Resources & Environment
  • Business Administration
  • Hospitality & Management
  • Engineering
  • Arts & Music
  • Architecture
  • Telecommunication
  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Chemistry, and many more.

Well, this list does not end here. Candidates have many more options to complete their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in multiple fields.

Application Process to Study in Argentina:

Once you have decided to complete your further studies in Argentina, it is time to check the application process to take admission into reputable Argentina Universities.

Select the city first, then the degree program, and check all the eligibility and qualification criteria. Now choose three universities on the safe side and check whether these universities conduct the selected courses in the English language or not. Then, see the application process on the official website of the university.

Fill out the application form with the required set of documents and submit the form with application fees (if mentioned). Confirm the admission by receiving an acceptance letter and applying for the student visa to actually kickoff your educational journey in Argentina.

List of Argentina Scholarships in 2024 Without IELTS:

Following is the list of scholarships offered by the Argentinian Universities, Government, and partner organizations for overseas and local students doing Undergrad or Postgrad programs.

1# National University of Santiago del Estero (UNSE) Scholarships:

The National University of Santiago del Estero in Argentina has many funded scholarships for the students enrolled in their Bachelor’s and Graduate studies. Such a university has UNSE Scholarships, National Scholarships, and other notable scholarship programs for eligible students.

Moreover, candidates will also enjoy the scholarship rewards and some other financial benefits. IELTS and CELU certificates are needed to fulfill the language requirements of USE.

Some notable scholarships offered by the National University of Santiago del Estero are; YPF Foundation Scholarships, Housing Scholarship, Intellectual Merit Scholarships, etc.

UNSE Acceptance Rate of UNSE: 68%
Admission Application Charges of UNSE: NTD 2,000 or USD$80

2# OAS Scholarships:

The universities of Argentina and OAS are giving scholarships to the undergrad or postgrad students enrolled at the Argentinian universities. The OAS scholarship will cover tuition fees up to $10,000 with some additional benefits of round airfare, yearly book allowance, subsidies, etc. TOEFL iBT/ TOEFL/ IELTS scores are mandatory to apply for the OAS scholarships.

3# Mente Argentina Scholarships:

The Mente Argentina is an educational institution in Argentina that is known for offering various degree programs, certificate programs, internships, and language courses. Interested applicants can apply for the following scholarships and enjoy health insurance, tuition fee coverages, travel expenses, and scholarship rewards of high amounts. Courses here are conducted in the Spanish language. Hence, Spanish language certificates are required for Mente Argentina Scholarships.

Some notable scholarships offered by the Mente Argentina are; Academic Merit Scholarship, Financial Need Scholarship, Short & ELAP Programs Scholarships, etc.

Acceptance Rate of Mente Argentina: Less Competitive
Admission Application Fee of Mente Argentina: USD $70

4# National University of San Juan Scholarships:

The next one we have is the National University of San Juan, giving scholarships to undergrad, grad, and postgrad students. Meanwhile, winners will enjoy tuition fee waivers up to 50% or 100% with some of the financial coverages.

Some famous scholarships by the National University of San Juan are; Academic Performance Support Scholarships, Economic Support Scholarships, B. Canteen Scholarship, Manuel Belgrano Scholarships, etc. Candidates are bound to submit the Spanish language test scores/ certificates to meet the requirements. IELTS tests are also acceptable for students who want to take courses in the English language at the National University of San Juan.

Acceptance Rate of National University of San Juan: 57% to 67%
Admission Application Fee of the National University of San Juan: $ 500 for Bachelors & Masters.

5# University of Buenos Aires:

The University of Buenos Aires offers scholarships to students enrolled in undergrad and postgrad studies. Such scholarships will cover monthly allowance, tuition fees, board, and lodging funding. Applied candidates must have the minimum level of Spanish to meet the requirements of the University of Buenos Aires.

Candidates can apply for postgraduate-international scholarships, Colombia–Argentina Academic Mobility, Santander Scholarships, etc.

Acceptance Rate of University of Buenos Aires: 46%
Admission Application Fee of University of Buenos Aires:

  • free (for undergrad)
  • Variable Fees (for postgrad) depending upon the chosen program.

6# Catholic University of Salta Scholarships:

Students enrolled in Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate can win the valuable scholarships offered by the University of Salta. Such scholarships include Universidad católica de Salta Easy scholarship and many more. To abide by the language requirements, Spanish language certificates are required to submit.

Acceptance Rate of catholic university of Salta: 61%
Admission Application Fee of the catholic university of Salta: USA 106.00

7# Holt Scholarships:

The Holt Family Foundation, jointly with the reputable universities of Argentina, is offering Holt Scholarships to the local and overseas applicants of Argentina with outstanding academic performances and high GPAs. The winners will receive $1900 as a financial grant to fund their education and other expenses. Applied candidates must have command over the Spanish language.

However, scholarships will be granted based on academic records, financial needs, work experience, leadership qualities, etc.

8# Dr. Carlos E. Castaneda Memorial Scholarship:

The noble universities of Argentina have joined hands with the International Studies Abroad Organization (ISA) to provide Dr. Carlos E. Castaneda Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship winners will get the reward of USD 2,000-2,500. However, students enrolled in a bachelor’s program with one year of language study and a high GPA will have preference.

9# Don Quijote Scholarships:

The Don Quijote Scholarship is available for international students pursuing higher studies in Argentina. That merit-based scholarship gets funded by the University of Richmond and Iberian Studies (LAIS) with the co-host, Argentina universities. Every scholarship winner will be entitled to receive $16,000 and tuition fee coverage. To become eligible for the Don Quijote Scholarships, applied candidates must be proficient in the Spanish language, plus have language certificates of CELU.

10# Fullbright Scholarships:

The United States department, jointly with the Argentinian Universities, is offering Fulbright scholarships to the deserving students enrolled in the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels. For eligibility criteria, applied candidates must meet the Spanish level requirements and be proficient in a particular language. However, the benefits of Fulbright scholarships include; tuition fee coverage, books costs, monthly stipends, air costs, etc.

11# Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) Scholarships:

Students enrolled in the Undergrad, Masters, Doctoral, and Diploma courses at UADE can win dozens of funded scholarships. The UADE scholarships are serving numerous benefits, including housing facilities, sports facilities, academic funding, etc.

Apply for a suitable Argentine scholarship program by submitting CELU scores or Spanish language proficiency certificates. On the other hand, students also have to pass the Spanish level Exam (ENE) and an English Placement test (ENI) to abide by the requirements.

Scholarships offered by the UADE include; Corporate Scholarships, Interior Professional Scholarships, UADE Alumni Club Scholarship, etc.

Acceptance Rate of UADE: 58%
Tuition Fee Charges of UADE: $11,000

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