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Makhosazana Masongo (born September 13, 2000) is a singer and songwriter best know as Azana. She is best known for her debut album, which made its way to the top of many music charts.

Music listeners love the young artist for her style of music. At the age when many teenagers are yet to figure out their lives, she is already making waves.

Azana biography
Azana – Singer and songwriter.
Quick Facts
Full Names:Makhosazana Masongo
Other Names:Azana
Born:September 13, 2000 (age 22 years old)
Place of Birth:Chesterville, Durban
Nationality:South African
Alma mater:University of the Free State
Occupation:Singer, songwriter
Label:DeejayMondy SA
Net Worth:R800 000

Early Life

Azana education
Makhosazana studies Law at the University of Free State.

Makhosazana Masango was born on September 13, 2000, in Chesterville, Durban. Her name means Princess in Zulu. Many address her by her stage name Azana.

The 22-year-old has two siblings. She is the only girl child and the last born. Growing up, she was shy but loved to sing. She would dance and sing in her room whenever she was alone.

Azana discovered she could sing at a young age and eventually began to perform for crowds.

After discovering her name was too long for a stage name, she shortened it. She then Makhosazana for Azana.

As a child, Azana sang almost everywhere she found herself. Makhosazana sang at school and church and held a leadership position in the choir. Her mother discovered her talent and told her that she’d grow up to be a singer.


Makhosazana Masongo started her music career at fifteen years. She signed under the label Big City Dreams. Her first studio album, titled Ingoma, climbed to number one in South Africa. 

The album’s lead single, Your Love, was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry of South Africa. Taffy Da Don produced the single, released in 2020.

The studio album features the likes of Afriikan Papi, Disciples of House, and Sun-El Musician. She is a nominee at the 27th ceremony of SAMAs for Best Afro Pop Album and Newcomer of the Year.

Azana collaborated with South African DJ Sun-El Musician on the single Uhuru in April 2020. She has collaborated with other music personalities.

In October 2021, the songwriter collaborated with Platoon on the compilation album African Lullabies Part 1. On December 3, 2021, she dropped her single Higher.


Makhosazana is in a record contract with DeejayMondy SA under Big City Dreams Records. She has collaborated with many South African finest talents.

Personal Life

Azana dress

The 22-year-old is in a relationship but withholds the identity of her boyfriend. In an interview, Drum asked her about the lucky guy in her life, and she replied, “he is out there.”

Maybe when she is ready, she will reveal her boyfriend. So let’s cross our fingers and wait.

Social Profiles

Azana is on several social media platforms. On her verified Instagram, she posts about her stage performances and dresses.

On July 10, 2022, she shared pictures of her time at the beach. She also posts sultry pictures, which drives a ton of engagements.

  • Instagram: azanaofficial
  • Twitter: @azanaofficial_
  • Facebook: @azanamusic


Azana has worked on and featured many songs since her debut.

  • Your Love
  • Uhuru
  • Lovers & Best Friends
  • Ithemba
  • Umhlaba Wakho
  • Citizen Deep

Net Worth

Azana net worth

Azana is new to the music industry but has established a brand for herself. She earns from streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more. 

The songstress also earns from collaborations and paid promotions on her platforms. She has a net worth of R800 000 as of September 2022.


How old is Azana, the singer?

Azana is a super-talented South African singer and songwriter born on September 13, 2000. The 22-years-old grew up in Chesterville, Durban, and started to sing in her younger days.

What is Azana’s real name?

Azana’s parents named her Makhosazana Masongo, which means a Princess. When she started performing, she decided to make her name shorter for the stage and abbreviated Makhosazana to Azana.

Where does Azana come from?

The singer is from Chesterville, Durban, South Africa. She was born and raised in the town of eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal.

Where is Azana studying?

The songbird Makhosazana Masango studies Law at the University of the Free State. She was a nominee for four categories in 2021 SAMAs.

Is Azana signed to El world?

The music sensation has collaborated with Sun-El Musician on some projects. Many think she is in a record contract with the label EL World Music. No, she isn’t.