Mthandazo Gatya Biography: Partner, Age, Clidren, Net Worth, Songs, Album

Mthandazo Gatya
Mthandazo Gatya - Singer, songwriter and performer.


Mthandazo Gatya is a Gauteng-born South African singer, performer, and songwriter. He is best known for his dance track Senzeni.

The song became a local hit after its release and got massive airplay. It amassed over 1.5 million views within a short period after the release. It also topped many radio stations such as Metro, Ligwalagwala, and Ikwekwezi FM. 

Mthandazo Gatya
Mthandazo Gatya biography
Mthandazo Gatya was born and raised in the township of Weilers Farm in Johannesburg.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Mthandazo Gatya
Born:Johannesburg, Gauteng
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Singer, performer, songwriter
Years Active:2009-date
Net Worth:R900 000 – R2 million

Early Life

Mthandazo Gatya was born and raised in KwaMadyarhana in Grasmere in Johannesburg. He remained in Gauteng even after his family relocated to Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape.

The performer began music after he joined the primary school choir. His aunt became his guardian after his mother’s demise. His father, on the other hand, was absent.

The singer had to leave because he was not working and his music career was not going as he taught, so he won’t be a burden. In 2009, he left home and moved to friend and his family.

The artist would sing in his primary school choir. But his family did not support his music, which became a challenge. He had to figure out everything all by himself.

Gatya is close to his brother and has other siblings from his dad’s side. He has adopted brothers and sisters that are now part of his family.


After graduating high school, the singer got a job as a cleaner at a communications company. Later, they hired him as a communications officer.

Later, he worked as a pizza chef at a restaurant. To focus on music, he left his job. In 2020, his musical breakthrough came when he almost lost his home. He had lived in the shack since 2011.

Even though the music artist loved to sing and perform since childhood, he started being serious about it in 2009.

A year after starting his music career, he emerged 2nd prize winner in the 2010 Jam Alley. This win was big for him and motivated him as he realized he had potential in music.

After he started making music, his songs got airtime on the radio, but he didn’t get any calls for collaboration.

Later, he signed a contract with Jozi Entertainment. He started to notice changes after changing the marketing strategy and others. 

A song he dropped became a hit during the lockdown, gaining him more people to listen to his lyrics. He is also an entrepreneur who owns a JuiSic. The company produces only juice.

To develop his society, he created the label Gatya Music – which identifies artists within his community and gives them a chance.

The legendary Jabu Khanyile influenced his love for music since his childhood days. He loved the singer growing up.

Other contemporary artists who influenced him include Black Coffee, Prince Kaybee, and Sun El Musician.

The singer has touched many through his music. According to him, his calling is to heal people through music.

The Gauteng-born says he never writes any of his songs. His style of music is about his life experiences and is a source of encouragement to many going through difficult times.

He sings about his experiences and encourages many going through tough times. People have also voiced out how his songs make them cry.

Gatya continued to work on his music even when he wasn’t getting the intended results.

When he dropped the song Senzeni, he started noticing positive changes. After he met Jozi Entertainment boss Lebo Mlangeni, he assisted him with the musical journey.

Personal Life

Mthandazo Gatya has a partner and two children. On September 4, his first son celebrated his eighth year birthday.

When he is not working, he cooks for his partner and loves spoiling her. He enjoys staying with his family, especially his woman when he is home.

Social Profiles

Mthandazo Gatya is pushing his music through his platforms on social media. He is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He never fails to update followers about his achievements and his personal life.

The singer posts a screenshot of his interview sessions with top news and magazine sites like Drum.

  • Instagram: @mthandazogatya
  • Facebook: @MthandazoGatya
  • Twitter: @MthandazoGatya

Net Worth

Mthandazo Gatya has dropped many songs since he entered the music industry. He is a partner in a clothing line and owns a juice company.

Gatya is a successful music personality with an estimated net worth of R900 000 – R2 million.



  • Senzeni
  • Abafana
  • Sizobambana
  • Jikelele
  • Uzobizwa
  • Uyena
  • Mama
  • Sekulungile
  • Simunye
  • One day
  • Thethelela
  • Ujabule
  • Nginike
  • Bring The Groove On
  • Ngise
  • Believe
  • Lavo
  • Khonza
  • Hallelujah
  • Ngiyabonga
  • Khumbul’ekhaya
  • Idolo
  • Siyaya
  • wont give up
  • Ngawe
  • Ku Zobamnandi
  • Hayini
  • In the Mood
  • Abc
  • Kwedini
  • Sthandwa’sam
  • Mzalwane


  • New Age Healer (2021)
  • Umonde (2021)
  • Journey To Infinity (2022)