Chinese Scholarships 2024 Announcement – Prepare Your Documents

The season of fully-funded Scholarships in China is up next. The Chinese Scholarships 2024-2025 will be announced for the students interested to study undergrad and postgrad subjects in 270+ Chinese Universities. Most of the China Scholarships are fully funded and are offered by various government levels, NGOs, and private-label organizations.

Fully-funded Scholarships in China 2024 for International Students

Following is the complete list of all the fully-funded China Scholarships:

1# Confucius Institute Scholarships 2024

The Confucius Institute is offering a fully financed China scholarship opportunity for overseas students in the year 2024. More than 150 universities in China are participating in this scholarship program, which allows students to study the Chinese language and culture there. The CIS scholarship provides coverage for the student’s tuition and accommodation costs, as well as medical insurance and a stipend to help with monthly personal needs.


  • Fellowship for Students Pursuing One-Year Studies
  • Fellowship for Students Pursuing One-Semester Studies

Advantages of the Confucius Institute Scholarships

The Confucius Institute scholarship covers tuition, accommodation in a university house, basic healthcare coverage, and a monthly stipend for expenses:

  • 2,500 Yuan/month for the student of BTCSOL or Chinese language and culture program.
  • MTCSOL students receive a monthly stipend of 3,000 Yuan.


  • Non-Chinese.
  • Strong physical and mental health, good academic and behavioral performance.
  • Aspiring to pursue employment in teaching or worldwide promotion of the Chinese language in the future
  • Individuals who will be 16-35 years old on September 1, 2024, are eligible to apply.


A scholarship application must be submitted by the beginning of May 2024 for a September start date, and by the beginning of November for a March 2024 start date.

Shanghai Jiao University is now accepting applications for CSC Scholarships to study in China for the year 2024. Those hoping to earn a Master’s or Doctorate at SJTU in China can do so with the aid of the presently available CSC.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a leading research institution in China and among the best in the world. Master’s degree programs typically last two to three years, whereas doctorate degree programs take four years to complete. Every year, Shanghai Jiao Tong University gives out a plethora of scholarships to prospective overseas students.


A wide variety of SJTU Chinese Government Scholarship courses were provided in both English and Chinese.

  • English MA Degrees for the Year 2024
  • Chinese Language MA Degrees in 2024
  • D. Programs in English by 2024
  • Chinese Ph.D. Degree Programs for 2024


  • Foreigner, not a Chinese national.
  • In good mental and physical health.
  • Superior intelligence and academic promise.
  • To enter a master’s program, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Candidates for doctorate degrees are expected to have completed the master’s degree.
  • Capabilities in both English and Chinese are preferred.


  • Expenses Covered for All Courses
  • The monthly grant for a Master’s is 3,000 RMB and for Ph.D. students is 3500 RMB
  • Housing Costs


The first scholarship deadline is December 15, 2024, while the second is February 28, 2024.

3# Jiangsu Government Scholarships

International students are eligible to apply for the “Jiangsu Government Scholarship,” which is offered by the Jiangsu Provincial Government. The primary objective is to make a positive contribution to the expansion of higher education opportunities available to foreign students in the province of Jiangsu.

Foreign students who succeed academically and want to enroll in one of the top educational institutions in Jiangsu province will be eligible for this award.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this fellowship, applicants must meet the following requirements.

  • The nominee should not be a Chinese citizen.
  • Level of completed education and maximum age:
  • Applicants who wish to enroll in a college or Bachelor’s degree must have a High School diploma with satisfactory grades and be under 30 years old.
  • Students in the Master’s program must have completed their Bachelor’s degree and be under 35 years old.
  • Students in the Ph.D. program must have a completed Master’s degree and be under 40 years old.
  • Students must abide by China’s regulations and satisfy the entry criteria for colleges and universities.
  • Applicant must have a solid academic record.
  • Applicants who have other quotas backed by Chinese Companies or the Chinese government cannot submit applications for scholarships.

Documents Required

  • Passport scanned copy
  • Highest Degree / Diploma Certificate (Verified copy)
  • Educational transcripts (photocopy notary stamp)
  • Referral letter
  • Additional important papers

Complete Financial Support

  • Free tuition, registration, lab experiments, textbooks, and internship.
  • Students have to pay for extracurricular experiments and internships.
  • Students have to pay for books and learning resources beyond compulsory textbooks.
  • Free on-campus dorms or a 10,000-yuan annual stipend.
  • 1,500 yuan monthly living allowance.
  • Scholarship winners who register prior 15th of the registration month will get the entire living allowance.
  • But after the 15th of the registration month, recipients get half the living allowance.
  • Foreign Student Health Insurance and Security in China.

Scholarship Partial

  • College students: 20,000 yuan annually
  • Undergrad/grad: 30,000 yuan each year
  • Non-degree/exchange students: 2,000 yuan per month.

4# Beijing Government Scholarships

The Beijing Government Scholarship 2024-2025 is completely supported for overseas students. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission has allocated 35 million yuan ($5 million) as the inaugural scholarship money. The scholarship is divided into three categories, the highest of which awards each student 40,000 yuan.

Summary of Beijing Govt Fellowships

  • Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral Levels of Study
  • The Universities of Beijing
  • Economics, philosophy, education, law, history, literature, science, management, agriculture, engineering, medicine, and the arts are among the courses offered.
  • Govt Scholarships in Beijing Annual deadline is between January and June.

Sponsorship Advantages

Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship for Foreign Students offers tuition only. Scholarship students receive 5 sorts of allowances based on their status:

  1. Doctoral degree: 40,000 RMB per year.
  2. Master’s degree: 30,000 RMB per year.
  3. Bachelor’s degree: 20,000 RMB per year.
  4. Senior training or long-term language program: 10,000 RMB per year.
  5. Exchange students in Beijing receive 5,000 RMB per year.

Documents Required

Beijing government university scholarship applicants must provide the following documentation.

  • Beijing Municipal Scholarship application.
  • Notarized transcript and diploma.
  • Only photocopies of foreign physical examination forms for six-month or longer students.
  • Degree and specialized research applicants submit 400 and 800-word studies and research plans.
  • Music and art applicants must present their own works.
  • Under-18 applicants must present legal documentation from their Chinese guardians.

5# Nanjing Government and University Scholarships

Under the Chinese Government Scholarships 2024 initiative, international students from across the world are eligible to apply for full tuition waivers to study at Nanjing University in China. All international students, with or without IELTS scores, are welcome to apply for the Nanjing University CSC and Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarships 2024, which are being offered by the Chinese scholarship council and will cover the full cost of tuition, fees, and living expenses during the recipient’s time at Nanjing University. The application submission at Nanjing University is free of charge.


  • People from other countries who are in good health and have a positive attitude toward China.
  • Undergraduates under 28; Master candidates under 35; and Ph.D. candidates under 40.
  • Non-scholarship recipients from Chinese government entities.


  • This scholarship only grants monthly stipends:
  • 20,000 yuan every academic year for master’s and Ph.D. candidates.
  • Undergrads grant 10,000 yuan every year.
  • One-year students grant 5,000 yuan each year.
  • One-semester student grant of 2,500 yuan.

Date to apply

Mid-July. The Institute for Foreign Learners of Nanjing University announces dates annually on its website. The same website announces winners.

Students from other countries who are interested in pursuing their higher education in Shanghai can submit their entries for the Shanghai Government Scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year starting right now. These scholarships are fully supported and give equivalent benefits to those provided by the Chinese government.

In order to encourage exceptional international students to continue their studies at East China Normal University, the Shanghai Government offers scholarships at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels to those who choose to study in Shanghai. Undergraduate applicants with at least an HSK-3 but not a qualifying level can take advantage of a fully-funded, year-long pre-college Chinese language program (the cutoff date is March 31, 2024).

Scholarship categories

There are two unique sorts of fellowships that are being made available by the Government of Shanghai, and the winner will be picked on the basis of their full profile.

Type A: The first type offers full scholarships and a monthly stipend of 2500 RMB for bachelor’s degree students, 3000 RMB for master’s degree students, and 3500 RMB for doctorate students.

Type B: A scholarship pays a portion of the student’s tuition but doesn’t give a grant. Medical coverage is included.

Documents Required

  • SGS-certified degrees.
  • Verified transcripts.
  • Medical examination records.
  • Blood lab findings.
  • Valid passport scan.
  • University acceptance letter (optional)
  • Language Proficiency Document (English with or without IELTS or TOFEL or Chinese)
  • Official records include:
  • Plan/Proposal
  • Research Plan
  • Intent letter
  • Motivation letter
  • Doctoral thesis outline

Closing date

The deadline for submissions is the 31st of March, 2024. (Only applicable to fall intake)

Requests are now being accepted for the ANSO Scholarship for Foreign Students for the 2024-2025 academic year. Early-age scholars and learners who are not residents of China have the option, thanks to the ANSO Fellowship for Young Talented people, to seek post-graduate degrees at the schools or colleges of the University of Science and Technology of China, the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), or institutes of CAS located throughout China.

The ANSO Scholarship 2024 will give a flying ticket, medical insurance, tuition costs, and a decent monthly allowance to the recipient. The scholarship is completely financed. Up to 200 students pursuing their Master’s degrees and up to 300 students pursuing their PhDs from all around the world will each get a scholarship to study in CAS each year. A master’s degree student can receive the USTC ANSO scholarship for a maximum of 36 months, while a doctoral student can get it for a maximum of 48 months. 

The Benefits of Obtaining an ANSO Scholarship

Applicants who are successful in receiving an ANSO scholarship will receive both the scholarship amount and the scholarship stipend. As a result, the ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents will provide the following advantages to those who are chosen to receive them:

  • Waiver of tuition and fees
  • A stipend paid monthly by the CAS through the USTC/UCAS:
  • The cost of the master’s program is 3,000 RMB.
  • 6000 RMB for the doctoral program.
  • Insurance for Medical Care
  • Waiver of the application cost
  • A grant to help cover the cost of travel from their home countries to China

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for this fellowship for studying in Asia, applicants must satisfy the ANSO scholarship conditions.

  • Non-Chinese
  • Prove English competency (with or without IELTS or TOFEL) or Chinese competency
  • Master’s applicants must be under 30.
  • D. applicants: born after 1 January 1988.
  • Fulfill USTC/UCAS foreign student entrance standards.
  • Not accepting additional assignments while on scholarship.
  • Candidates enrolled in a master’s or doctorate program at a Chinese university are ineligible.


The application and reference period will close on February 15, 2024. (Beijing Time)

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