DJ Jaivane Biography: Age, Booking Fee, Car, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Pictures

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Luyanda Mlonzi (born July 9, 1992), best known as DJ Jaivane, is a South African Disk Jockey. He is famous for his amapiano mixes and energetic vibes on stage.

DJ Jaivane and his close friend DJ Stokie pair up to perform in ceremonies with their amapiano beats. Their beats have made them quite popular.

DJ Jaivane
DJ Jaivane biography
DJ Jaivane’s real name is Luyanda Mlonzi.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Luyanda Mlonzi
Stage name:DJ Jaivane
Born:July 9, 1992 (age 30 years old)
Place of Birth:Diepkloof, Soweto
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Disk Jockey
Marital status:Single
Booking Fee:R5 000
Net Worth:R2 million – R4.2 million

Early Life

DJ Jaivane age
Luyanda Mlonzi started from nothing, he worked for his success.

DJ Jaivane was born Luyanda Mlonzi on July 9, 1992 in Diepkloof in Soweto.

The disk jockey struggled in the early days of his career. He worked hard and earned a little. He had to work as a cashier at Pick ‘n’ Pay to provide for his family.


DJ Jaivane performance
Luyanda Mlonzi performing on stage.

After entering the music scene, things were not smooth for the Disk Jockey, yet he pressed further. He worked as a cashier at Pick ‘n’ Pay. He would perform at events and ceremonies but got a plate of food as payment.

DJing was what he did best and enjoyed, so he never gave up. After meeting his friend, DJ Stokie, they would partner at events. They owe their success to their being consistent and dedicated.

The peanuts they got did not affect the quality of music they mixed. After teaming with DJ Stokie, they would get paid R150 for performing throughout the week.

Later in 2014, their payments increased to R350. In 2019, they went on a tour starting from the East Rand, and many regarded them as the kings of amapiano. 

Many consider DJ Jaivane as part of the pioneers of amapiano. The party is never complete without playing any from his mixes.

Booking Fee

DJ Jaivane
Luyanda Mlonzi drinking during a live performance.

DJ Jaivane has come a long way and has inputted hard work. Booking DJ Jaivane will cost R5,000 per hour, the same as DJ Stokie. 

The duo has partnered and has gone on tours to play their sets. In 2019, they went on tour to hold performances.

Personal Life

DJ Jaivane is dating someone but withholds her name from the public. His closest friend in the industry is DJ Stokie, and the duo has experienced thick and thin together.

They met at a Danish pub in Soweto for the first time and had appreciated each other’s work from a distance before meeting in person.


DJ Jaivane car
DJ Jaivane drives an Audi RS 3.

DJ Jaivane drives one of the sporty cars. He owns an Audi RS 3 (sport back), estimated to be worth around R 879 995.

Social Profiles

DJ Jaivane is active across several social media platforms. He has grown his fanbase and posts his music and financial achievements.

On August 31, he announced the release of his mix – The Soul Cafe Vol 23(Spring and Summer edition). His audience also gets banners and other updates of his work. He is on:

  • Facebook: @Djyjaivanesa
  • Twitter: @djy_jaivane
  • Instagram: @djy_jaivane_sa

Net Worth

Many acclaim the DJ as a pioneer of the amapiano music genre. He has held many performances and gone on tours.

His years of hard work and dedication have earned him a fortune. He has a net worth of R2 million – R4.2 million as of September 2022.