Funding Coverage of Chinese Government Scholarships 2024

Thousands of Chinese Government Fully-funded Scholarships from 2024-2025 will be offered to international students in an upcoming academic session. China Government Scholarships are famous for the exemption of the IELTS exam and no application fees whereas, most of the applicants are also concerned about what’s offered by Chinese Scholarships. Through this article you would find out the sponsorship package offered by Chinese Government Scholarships to international students to help them pursue bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree in China.

Studying and Living in China for higher education is a dream of many overseas students from low-income countries. But only a few succeeded in their mission and commenced their educational journey in China without IELTS scores.

However, doing a BS, MS, or Ph.D. degree at Chinese universities under the Chinese government and university-sponsored scholarships are the cherry on top. These scholarships are fully or partially funded schemes that aim to cover a wide range of personal and academic expenses of overseas applicants during the international study trip. Meanwhile, students will receive the funds for research or thesis programs, books, airfare, accommodation rents, etc.

Indeed, getting a Chinese scholarship, offering dozens of exciting benefits to studying for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree in China is one of the greatest opportunities one can opt for a brighter and more secure future.

What’s Covered in Chinese Government Scholarships?

No wonder living abroad is not a piece of cake as hundreds of unwanted expenditures are always waiting in line and requires a lot of money. Hence, it is not easy for an overseas student to cover their educational and living expenses independently. For this purpose, Chinese scholarships are always there to provide financial relief to international scholars via worthy benefits facing difficulties in meeting their finances. If you are among these students & worrying about the expenditures while studying in China, check out the available benefits sponsored by the Chinese scholarships.

  • Full Tuition Fee Waivers/ Grants
  • Valuable Scholarship Rewards of different amounts
  • Allowances for House / Free Residencial Service
  • Living Stipends plus Research & Book Costs
  • A chance to learn Chinese Culture & Language
  • Free Round International Air Trip
  • Full Medical Insurance

Let us enlighten the readers with these benefits, including all the relevant details.

1# Full Tuition Fee Waivers/ Grants:

Higher education abroad is all about different expenses, including visa fees, air tickets, room, board, and living costs. In such challenging times, paying extra high tuition fees for each semester for a four or five-year degree program is a huge burden on young international students studying at prestigious Chinese universities. Considering these infinite expenses, the renowned Chinese scholarships offered by the provincial and federal governments of China have announced full tuition fee waivers for the scholarship winners. Yes, you have heard it right, winners of funded scholarships will get full or sometimes partial tuition fee exemption to minimize their financial burden.

Scholarships offering full tuition fee waivers are; SJTU China Scholarship, CSC Scholarships, Harbin Institute of Technology Scholarships, ASEAN-China Young Leaders Scholarship, and others.

2# Scholarship Rewards for International Scholars:

Another exciting surprise of the Chinese fully-funded scholarships is Valuable Scholarship Rewards to cover the scholastic expenses. Such awards are of different values based on academic results, GPA, selected degree programs, work experience, and other extra skills. However, candidates are eligible to receive a minimum of RMB 2,500 for undergrad or MS degrees to RMB 40,000 maximum for the Ph.D. programs.

Meanwhile, Scholarships granting generous scholarship rewards are; Beijing Government Scholarships, MOFCOM Scholarship, Zhejiang A & F University Scholarships, etc.

3# Free Residential facility or House Allowance:

Staying in China at a hotel, hostel, or rented apartment during the degree program is a primary concern for international students as rents are too high for financially underprivileged students. But, it is not a concern anymore as scholars under the Chinese scholarship programs will get housing allowances of certain amounts, like CNY 8400, to live in an apartment or get free accommodation services until the degree completion at a university dorm. During their stay at the university dorms, scholars will also enjoy free food or meals thrice a day.

Chinese Scholarships also offer free housing and food service are; the Chinese Trade Silk Road Scholarship, China Petroleum University Scholarships, ACYLS Program, and many more.

4# Costs for Living, Research Funds, & Study Materials:

Another thing that requires a lot of capital while studying in China is the living expenses plus costs to purchase books, board, research equipment, and thesis printing. Being financially deprived, meeting all your expenses alone is technically impossible. Hence, funded scholarships in China provide funds to meet living costs, like CNY 2000/month or above for the respective undergrad, grad, and postgrad programs.

Similarly, winners of these generous scholarships also receive costs to buy books and research-related stuff needed during the course period.

Some notable scholarships offering monthly living stipends with material costs are; SGS Scholarships, Belt and Road Scholarships, Peking University Scholarships, and so on.

5# Learn Chinese Language & their Culture:

International students need to learn the native language of the country from where they are doing their further studies as it helps them to deal with the language barriers. Via these scholarships, students will get the golden chance to learn the Chinese language and understand the Chinese civilization. By doing so, candidates will become eligible to participate in more networking & social events, and extracurricular activities. On the other hand, having a profound knowledge of Chinese culture will allow them to mingle with the locals.

Scholarships, like, Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarships, SJTU sponsored scholarships, Confucius Institute Scholarship, etc., are known for organizing free Chinese language courses.

6# Round Air Travel Package:

Paying for an international trip from the homeland to the selected country is not a walk in the garden. Many students are often set back because of not being able to afford air tickets. Therefore, such funded schemes have announced free round air-bound tickets that aid deserving students to travel to and from their home countries and start their studies at the earliest.

Famous Chinese CSC scholarships may also cover travel costs in some Chinese Universities; for example by TJU International Student Scholarship, China Scholarship Council Scholarships, East China Scholarships, etc.

7# Medical Facilities for Scholars:

Lastly, we have full medical and health facilities for the overseas scholars enjoying scholarship programs in China’s reputable institutes for the undergrad and postgrad programs. Candidates, either using partial or full scholarships, will be entitled to avail of free medical insurance till the scholarship duration ends.

MOFCOM-CSC programs, ACYLS Scholarships, and Shanghai Scholarship are some amazing schemes covering the medical bills of international scholars.

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