Germany DAAD Scholarships 2024 With Part-time Work Permit

If you are an international student looking for a double dose opportunity of getting enrolled in a degree programme while also acquiring permission to work part time with your studies then read this article because i shared one big possibility here which is German DAAD scholarship 2024 without IELTS requirement and with German work permit permission.

Alright, international students! I’ve got some exciting news for those of you considering further their studies abroad because today i have got study in Germany campaign under my radar. So let’s have a little chat about this. So choosing Germany for your undergrad or postgrad studies is actually going to be a wise decision for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, Germany offers free education at its public universities, welcoming not only Germans or Europeans but also those non-EU and non-German students from all over the world. This financial advantage is further sweetened by the availability of German scholarships like the DAAD, which can significantly support your academic pursuits.

📚 Why Choose Germany for Your Higher Studies in 2024? 🎓

Simply because you will save thousands of USD dollars by avoiding university fees, language proficiency tests, and other application submission chores as explained below:

#1 Germany offers Free Education: German government thinks education must not be considered as a money 💰 making machine or commercial product which is why in all of Germany education is totally free for all Germans and even for international students. So imagine studying in a country renowned for its academic excellence without the burden of paying hefty tuition fees. In Germany, regardless of your nationality, you can study 🎓 at public universities for free.

2# Apply for countless German Scholarships: On top of free availing free education in Germany you can also explore various scholarships options in Germany that will then pay you stipend money on monthly basis, cover your research and residence expenses, and also pay for your other academic expenses and these top ranked German scholarships are Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships, DAAD, Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships, Helmut Schmidt Scholarship, and many more.

#3 IELTS – Not Always Necessary: Thinking about language barriers? and henceforth worried 🤔about spending money on expensive German/English language proficiency exams? Then do not worry because most German universities do not require IELTS exam and instead, they accept English proficiency or medium of instruction letters. While some English-taught courses might ask for IELTS at some German universities as well so for that reason i can say IELTS isn’t always mandatory, especially if you opt for courses in German or if the institution provides other ways to prove your proficiency like by taking IELTS alternative exams. Please keep in mind German study visa is only available if you provide German language proficiency proof.

4# Earn While You Learn with permission of work on German study visa: As an international student, Germany doesn’t just offer you free education with scholarships but it also offers you an opportunity to work🕺part time parallel with your studies. If you’re from the EU/EEA or from non-EU regions then you can work up to 20 hours a week during semesters, with no earning cap during breaks.

Lets Explore German DAAD Scholarships 2024 Together

So, the DAAD in Germany has opened its doors once again and is welcoming online applications for their 2024-2025 DAAD scholarships session. You might wonder what’s DAAD, Well, it’s one of the most high paying German scholarships out there, especially if you’re an international student. They’re basically inviting students from all over the world, like you, to study in Germany on their dime. Pretty neat, right?

Now, if you’re aiming for a graduate or post-graduate degree without the stress of tuition fees, this is your golden ticket. Because in 2024, DAAD, which stands for the German Academic Exchange Service, will support more than 100,000 students and researchers globally. To give you some perspective, that’s like filling up a big football stadium with Germany’s scholarship recipients and therefore the scale of these German DAAD scholarship offerings is high which is why i strongly suggest you to apply!

The cool part? This isn’t just for those pursuing typical degrees. Whether you’re looking at graduate programs, PhDs, or even research visits to top-notch institutions in Germany, DAAD’s got your back. Some of you interested in internships might also find some paid internship programs under DAAD.

In a nutshell? If you’ve got at least two years of professional experience under your belt and a passion to learn and grow, then this is your chance to pursue a Master’s or even a PhD at a recognized German university under DAAD scholarship 2024. And who knows? You might just come out of it with a shiny degree from Germany, all thanks to DAAD.

DAAD Scholarships 2024: Unlocking Stellar Financial Benefits!

For those aiming high without spending a single penny and taking expensive language proficiency tests, DAAD Scholarships 2024 are for you and you can expect following package ✨:

1# For MS degree Students🎓: Will enjoy a generous monthly stipend of €861 euros.
#2 For doctoral degree Students🎓: will receive €1,200 euros every month.

But that’s not all! Dive into more perks:

1# Comprehensive insurance🌐: You get payments towards health, accident, and personal liability coverage.
#2 Travel Sponsorship✈️ : If you win a DAAD scholarship then your travel expenses will be covered as well

And for those special circumstances, DAAD sprinkles in some extra magic✨:

  • Feel at home 🏠 with a monthly rent sponsorship if you are married and studying in Germany on DAAD fund.
  • Bringing your family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦along? If so then you might expect extra funding

Eligibility Requirements for DAAD Scholarships:

To be considered for the prestigious DAAD Scholarships, applicants are expected to meet the following stringent eligibility criteria:

1# Academic Excellence🏆: Candidates must demonstrate outstanding academic qualifications and the capability to successfully complete their degree in Germany. This includes having above-average results in academic examinations, research publications (optional), or patents (optional).

#2 Educational Background📚🎓: Applicants must hold atleast Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Typically, this involves completing a four-year undergraduate program.

3# Professional Experience💼: Eligible candidates of most DAAD scholarship programmes should possess a minimum of two years of professional experience in the field of their academic degree.

#4 Development-Oriented Motivation💪🔥: DAAD Scholar applicants must exhibit a genuine passion for development-related goals. They should be motivated to engage actively in processes of change, both within their personal and professional spheres, after completing their training or scholarship. This commitment to social responsibility is a key component of the selection process.

5# English Language Proficiency🗣️🌍📝: In the event that applicants seek an exemption from taking the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, they must provide proof of English language proficiency through an appropriate IELTS or IELTS alternative exam.

Admission requirements in Germany vary depending on the German university and the specific course of study. Typically, a minimum TOEFL score of 80 or an IELTS score of 6.5 is required to provide evidence of your English proficiency to stand eligible for German DAAD scholarship 2024. However, it’s important to note that these requirements can differ among universities. Additionally, if you’re applying for economics or business-related programs, some institutions may also ask for supplementary standardized tests like GRE or GMAT.

Application Process of DAAD German Scholarship:

To embark on your journey towards securing the fully funded Germany Government DAAD Scholarship in 2024, kindly adhere to the following comprehensive application guidelines:

1# Gather Required Documents: Start by collecting all the necessary documents needed for your DAAD scholarship application (List given below in next section)

#2 Search DAAD Scholarships Database: Find a suitable degree programme and then utilize the DAAD scholarships database to search for German scholarships that align with your academic goals and interests.

3# Review Eligibility Criteria: Carefully review the eligibility criteria for the selected scholarship program to ensure you meet the requirements.

#4 Submit Your Online Application: Complete and submit your scholarship application online, noting that there is typically no application fee. Following these 4 steps in this sequence will help you navigate the DAAD scholarship application process smoothly and effectively.

List of Documents Needed to Apply for DAAD scholarships of Germany in 2024:

The following set of documents are required to apply for DAAD Scholarships:

1# Research Proposal: Present your innovative idea as part of your application.
#2 Study Plan: Outline your plans and objectives as a prospective student
3# Motivation Letter: Enumerate the key reasons driving your application for this funding.
#4 Statement of Purpose (SOP): Elaborate on your academic and personal aspirations.
5# Certified Copies of Previous Higher Education Certificates: Provide authenticated copies
#6 Language Certificates: Include verified copies of your language proficiency certificates.
7# Two Original Recommendation Letters: Obtain letters of recommendation from previous professors.
#8 Scholarship CV and Cover Letter: Make curriculum vitae and cover letter to support your application.
9# Copy of Your Qualification: Include a certified copy of your secondary education certificate.
#10 Passport Photograph: Attach a recent passport-sized photograph.
11# Photocopy of Your Passport: Include a photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport.
#12 Letter of Intent (LOI): Express your intentions and commitment to the scholarship program.

Application Deadline DAAD Scholarship in Germany: March 30, 2024

DAAD is not merely a single scholarship program; it represents a vast range of German government scholarships. Within this extensive database, you have the opportunity to meticulously search for scholarships that perfectly align with your research interest. As a result, you can explore and apply for any of DAAD scholarships until March 30, 2024, for classes starting in September 2024.

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