Jimmy Dludlu Biography: Age, Wife, Daughter, Songs, Albums, Awards, Instagram, Tours

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Jimmy Dludlu is a multi-award-winning Jazz artist.


Jimmy Dludlu (born November 17. 1966) is a multi-award-winning Mozambique-born guitarist and performer. He is often referred to as the father of Jazz and is well-known for his unique jazz compositions.

The Jazz artist has worked with many prominent and legendary artists. He has performed in events and occasions within and outside South Africa.

Many credit him as the founder of Afro-jazz for his diverse composition styles. He has gained recognition in the local and international scene. His songs are a fusion of traditional and urban elements of Jazz.

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Jimmy Dludlu biography
Jimmy Dludlu worked with various southern African bands including Impandze.
Full Name:Jimmy Dludlu
Born:around 1966 (age 55 years old)
Place of Birth:Mozambique
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Jazz artist, performer, guitarist
Instrument:Vocals, Guitar
Profiles:YouTubeApple MusicInstagramSoundCloud
Awards:Best Male Artist at 2000 SAMA

Early Life

Jimmy Dludlu was born in November 17, 1966, in Maputo, Mozambique to a pharmacist. His father wanted Jimmy to focus on his studies and qualify as a medical doctor.

Though his father was once a guitarist, he wanted his son to practice medicine. At 13, the legendary jazz artist started training himself with the guitar.



In an Interview, Jimmy told Sam Umukoro why he went to the United States. He went to find his unique style in Jazz. He is a self-taught jazz guitarist and is good with the instrument.

Growing up, he would borrow his cousin’s guitars and tune them to a perfect base guitar for practice. He started performing at local occasions and ceremonies like weddings.

The performer is also a talented dancer and singer and entered the music scene officially at 18. 


Jimmy’s music style is a fusion of traditional and modern elements of Jazz. He has many original compositions within Afro-Jazz.

The performer entered the music industry in the mid-eighties and has worked with many prominent bands. He worked with Impandze from Swaziland, featuring Jamaican singer Trevor Hall and Kalahari.

Jimmy also worked with the Botswanan singer Satari and Anansi, featuring George Lee. In late 1995, he and his band C-Base Collective shared the stage with Senegalese singer Ismaėl Lo.

The Jazz artist also performed at the 1996 Arts Alive Festival in Johannesburg with his band C-Base Collective. In September 1997, he dropped his first album for PolyGram, Echoes from the Past.

Later, he relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa, and worked with the band Brotherwood and McCoy Mrubata. At age 19, he worked with 

At 19, he worked with the legendary singer Miriam “Mama Africa” Makeba. At 21, he worked with the late South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela.


The veteran Jazz artist has released eight albums since 1997, namely:

  • Echoes from the Past (1997)
  • Essence of Rhythm (1999)
  • Afrocentric (2002)
  • Corners of my Soul (2006)
  • Portrait (2007)
  • Tonota (2011)
  • Jimmy Dludlu Live (2015)
  • In the Groove (2016)
  • History in a Frame (2021)


  • Point of View
  • Africa Africa
  • Ha Deva
  • Walk of Life
  • Tara Tara
  • Motherland
  • A Massiko
  • Masseve
  • Echoes From the Past
  • Winds of Change
  • Linda
  • Corners of My Soul
  • So Close Yet So Far Away
  • Mdantsane
  • Inyoni Iyaphapha
  • Male Ya Pepa
  • Nkateko
  • Common Dialogue
  • Mamana Wanga
  • Basil Goes to Church
  • Grazing In The Grass
  • Matue Tue
  • Peaceful Moment
  • Tote
  • Library in Flames
  • I Wish I Knew
  • Makonde
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Fruit Of The Spirit
  • River of Lost Dreams
  • The Wood That Sings of Sorrow
  • Vuma Txadile

Personal Life

Jimmy Dludlu met his wife, Nomsa, in exile in the eighties and fell in love during his days as a high school student. They had their firstborn daughter, Tapiwa, in Botswana.

Dludlu has lived in many countries on the African continent. He has based in Botswana, South Africa, and Mozambique, where he was born. 

The Jazz artist has also lived in other African countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Social Profiles

Jimmy Dludlu has several profiles where he showcases his music and songs. He is on YouTube, Apple Music, and Sound Cloud, among other streaming sites.

There he makes money from the ad revenue earned from those channels.

The artist also shares his tours around Africa and the world on his social media account. He has a Facebook Page and an Instagram account.


The South African music industry recognized his contributions in March 2000 with three awards. At the SAMA Music Awards, the Jazz artist was the recipient of;

  • Best Male Artist
  • Essence of Rhythm
  • Best Contemporary Jazz Album