Longwe Twala Biography: Age, Father, Mother, Songs, Siblings, Rumors, Pictures

Longwe Twala age


Longwe Twala is a South African-born music sensation. He is best known as the son of the legendary singer Sello Chicco Twala.

The artist was on the headlines lately for the wrong reason. He caused scandals, and the police even had to arrest him several times. 

His father, who feared Longwe was tarnishing his reputation reportedly, denounced him. Read on to know how it all started.

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Longwe Twala biography
Longwe Twala is the son of the legendary singer Sello Chicco Twala.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Longwe Twala
Born:South Africa
Nationality:South African
Parents:Sello Chicco Twala, Thembi
Siblings:Nowie Zanele

Early Life

Longwe Twala was born into the family of a legendary music artist and businessperson, Sello Chicco Twala.

His father ended the marriage with his mother, Thembi, after claiming she cheated on him.

According to Sello Chicco, his wife entered the house with two white men. He claims that his wife left afterward in a revealing mini skirt.

Longwe has a sister Nowie Zanele who is also in the music space. He and his sister Nowie, known by her stage name DJ Z’ne, followed their father’s musical steps. He doesn’t say much about his childhood experience.


Coming from a family that loves music always leaves a visible impact on the children.

For Longwe Twala and his sister, the case is the same. They grew up developing an interest in singing.

With his sister, Longwe is introducing South Africa to a new style of music.


Although the music artist comes from a respected family, he has involved himself in many offenses. The singer has faced some charges like murder and theft.

Longwe has been in rehabilitation several times for doing drugs.

Murder Rumors

Longwe Twala has been allegedly linked to the murder of the goalie Senzo Robert Meyiwa.

Robert got shot in a robbery on October 26, 2014, that claimed his life. He was a goalkeeper for the Football team Orlando Pirates.

After his demise, rumors surfaced claiming Longwe had a hand in Senzo’s death. The police cleared the air saying the claims were fake.

People pointed fingers at Longwe Twala after discovering that he was at Kelly Khumalo’s house the night he died. Kelly was dating Robert Meyiwa at that time.

Metro FM invited him over for an interview where he poured out how he felt about the murder accusation. He says it made him feel terrible and then narrated the incident.

Longwe has been a victim of several false claims. Another rumor claimed that his father Chicco paid General Shadrack Sibiya a million Rand bribe to keep Longwe out of prison. Sibiya denied those claims.



The artist has been in a long battle for over fifteen years with drug abuse. His family has supported him through rehab with little to no success.

If money could stop the habit, his father was ready. But after spending over a million rand, there was little to no success. Longwe spent time in the hospital for rehab.

His addiction made him steal things to feed him drugs. He stole the family studio music equipment worth R300k to get him drugs.


Stealing the music equipment was not his only case of stealing. He has involved himself in many other theft-related cases. 

His sister had paid his bail after his arrest for theft, bringing shame to his father, who felt very bad.

In January 2020, he didn’t appear at Booyens Magistrate’s Court for shoplifting toiletries worth R200 at the Gled Shopping Center in October.

Longwe stole again and got arrested for stealing a bar of chocolate from a Soweto-based petrol station.

It grew worse than his father could handle after he stole a phone belonging to his friend’s child. His father forced him to the Diepkloof Police Station.

Angry Chicco bashed his son and expressed his disappointment.


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