Hlengiwe Mhlaba Biography: Age, Net Worth, Spouse, Songs, Suicide Attempt, Accident

Hlengiwe Mhlaba songs


Hlengiwe Mhlaba (born June 7, 1973) is a South African songwriter and gospel singer. Her way of praising God through her songs has made her unique.

Many have fallen in love with her way of appreciating, praising, and worshiping God with songs. She has touched many people and drawn many others to God through songs.

Unlike many musicians, Mhlaba is not married but focuses full-time on music. The music talent came to the limelight after she dropped her first album – Dwala Lami.

The award-winning Gospel artist has dropped many other hit songs since her debut. Other songs to her name include Hlengiwe Mhlaba Sthandwa Sami and Hlengiwe Mhlaba Sewakhile.

Hlengiwe Mhlaba
Hlengiwe Mhlaba biography
Hlengiwe Mhlaba is a renowned gospel artists who has touched many through music.
Quick Facts
Name:Hlengiwe Mhlaba
Born:June 7, 1973 (age 49 years old)
Place of Birth:KwaMAshu, KwaZulu-Natal
Nationality:South African
Marital Status:Not married
Occupation:Singer, songwriter
Debut album:Dwala Lami
Years Active:2005-date

Early Life

Hlengiwe Mhlaba was born on June 7, 1973, in KwaMAshu, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She became a born-again Christian as a child. She went to many crusades in KwaZulu-Natal and Swaziland.


Hlengiwe Mhlaba is a renowned gospel artist and songwriter. Before she tried out music, she was a teacher. After meeting Makhabane, the singer decided to try a career in music.

The producer guided her through singing for Amanxusa Music Production (Big Fish Music). In 2005, Mhlaba dropped her first album Dwala Lami.

The music reached many listeners and lovers of Gospel music, with the majority appreciating her work. The result encouraged her to try more.

Hlengiwe released her second album in 2006, titled Jesu Uyalalela. In 2007, she dropped another album titled Blessings (izibusiso). In 2008, she released the Live @ Durban Playhouse DVD.

Her singing talent has earned her performance spots on several events and occasions like the Pretoria State Theatre and the Durban City Hall.

Makhabane has collaborated with celebrated artists like the late Vuyo Mokoena and Ntokozo Mbambo. She has worked with the musical group Joyous Celebration.

The singer has contributed to the music scene since her debut and has earned recognition. She has smiled home with several awards.

Social Media

Hlengiwe Mhlaba has remained consistent and has touched many through music. Many searches for her on social media. She shares her music, performances, and more on these platforms.

The singing sensation has an active presence on several platforms:

Personal Life

Though the singer is in her late fifties, she has never been married. She is not married or dating any man. But she wears a ring on her finger to drive away nonsense from men.

The award-winning Gospel star has not been with a man and is not ready to. She focuses on chasing her dreams and making money. The singer has not yet met the right man and is busy with her career.


Hlengiwe Mhlaba is a part of the Ungazibulali Depression and Suicide Campaign. The movement’s primary objective is to educate youngsters and the public.

The motivational speaker Nkululeko Khanye started the campaign. It has grown to have many musicians.

The campaign was first installed on a Saturday at Rabasotho Hall in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni.

The campaign tries to address issues that affect everyone. They try to make people learn and get motivated through their stories. It also creates awareness about the dangers of depression.

Suicide Attempt

The Gospel star has also tried to commit suicide. She tried to take her life after her family refused to assist her. At that time, she was preparing to go to tertiary for her teaching degree. Her church gave her a scholarship.

Mhlaba needed a signature on the form to confirm she would repay the church money. Her family member refused, which made her frustrated because she wanted to go to a higher institution.

Without a second thought, Mhlaba tied her school belt to the rafters and then hung herself. Fortunately for her, someone saves her quickly enough.


Gospel Star Hlengiwe Mhlaba got involved in a car accident in September 2019. The unfortunate event happened when she drove to a show in Mpumalanga.

On her way, she lost control of her Mercedes-Benz GL 320 CDI. Luckily, she sustained injuries. The accident happened in Melmoth, Northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Her spokesperson says that her vehicle rolled when she wanted to avoid a vehicle driving toward her. She sustained injuries and was taken to a hospital in Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal.


  • Sewakhile
  • Living Waters
  • Sweet Jesus
  • Phezulu Enkosini
  • You Are Alpha
  • Remember Me
  • He Lifted Me Up
  • Rock Of Ages
  • When I Remember
  • Mhlekazi
  • Sedi Ladichaba
  • Sthandwa Sami
  • After Today
  • Ziyamazi Umelusi
  • It is Well
  • Laphalal Igazi
  • Jesu Uyalalela
  • Bhekani Ezulwini
  • Kherubi
  • Be Still
  • Liyinqaba
  • Yebo Nkosi
  • Lelivangeli
  • Ngonyama Kajuda
  • Ekuhluphekeni
  • Umthokozisi
  • Izulu Nomhlaba
  • Liyangenelisa
  • Yabethelwa
  • He Gives Me Power
  • Moya Ongcwele

Net Worth

Hlengiwe Mhlaba has touched many lives with songs and has earned a fortune through singing. She has an estimated net worth of R1.7 million – R2.5 million as of November 2022.