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Maina Kageni age


Maina Kageni (born June 29, 1974) is a Kenyan top radio and television show host. He has worked as a news anchor at KTN television.

With many years of experience, the radio personality has contributed to the industry.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni biography
Maina Kageni is a former car dealer and KTN news anchor.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Maina Kageni
Born:June 29, 1974 (age 48 years old)
Place of Birth:Kenya
Education:Laiser Hill High School
Marital Status:Single
Occupation:Radio host, television host, investor
Net Worth:Kshs 250 million

Early Life

Maina Kageni was born on June 29, 1974, in Kenya. He spent most of his childhood days in a country in East Africa. While growing up, the celebrated media personality occasionally traveled outside of Kenya.


The talented communicator studied at Westlands Primary school and Laiser Hill High School. He traveled to the U.K. for a college degree.

Kageni shocked his mother, who came for his graduation ceremony. She couldn’t find him among the graduates.

After flying to the United Kingdom, he searched for and focused on his work instead of his studies. He tried out several menial jobs like truck driving and fish distribution.


Maina is an entrepreneur and renowned radio personality. He has built a name for himself. Before he appeared as a host on several media programs, he had done several menial jobs.

The radio host has worked as a car dealer. He made profits from buying and selling new and used vehicles. His talent dragged him to the media space, where he is making a mark.

Aside from his radio gigs and shows, the talent has worked on Kenyan television. He was a news anchor of one of the most viewed stations in Kenya – KTN.

Currently, he co-hosts the morning show Maina and Kingang’i on Classic 105. Maina also has investments in assets like real estate. He owns residential properties within and outside Kenya – Nairobi, Florida, and Miami.

The multi-talented personality is also a brand influencer and has worked with many top brands.

Personal Life

Maina Kageni is single and has no children for now. Many have wagged their tongues at him, while others claimed he is gay. He cleared the air about his sexuality and denied being gay.

Kageni is one of the Kenyan celebrities that love to keep their love life out of the public eye. 


Kageni loves to drive the big toys and has several luxurious possessions. He drives a BMW X6 and a Hummer.

Net Worth

Maina Kageni has Multiple-streams of income ranging from the mass media to real estate. He receives rental income from his tenants and capital from other investments. 

The man reportedly co-owns a modeling agency in Lagos, Southwestern Nigeria. He has a net worth of Kshs 250 million as of November 2022.