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Maria wa Kitaa (born October 7, 2000), formally Yasmin Said, is an award-winning Kenyan actress. She is prominent for playing the lead character in Maria, a Citizen TV series.

The budding actress received the Best Lead Actress in TV Drama at the 2020 Kalasha Awards. She captured the heart of the youth with her exquisite performance on the show.

Yasmin Said
Yasmin Said biography
Yasmin Said is a Muslim girl with a passion for acting.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Yasmin Said
Other names:Maria wa Kitaa
Born:October 7, 2000 (age 22 years)
Place of Birth:Kilifi County
Education:Ribe High School
Marital Status:Single
Known for:Maria
Award:2020 Kalasha Film & TV Award
Net Worth:Kshs 4 million

Early Life

Yasmin Said was born on October 7, 2000, in Kilifi County, a county located north and northeast of Mombasa. She grew up in Kibera, Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

Her real family is regular middle-class Muslims, which taught her Islamic values. She discovered her acting talent early but waited until she graduated high school.


Yasmin Said attended Ribe High School in Kilifi. After obtaining her KCSE results, she decided to go into acting.

While in high school, she saw an advert and thought it was time to shoot her shot in acting. She has not said anything about enrolling in a course at the university.


The young actress began to act after graduating from high school.

Said knew she possessed the talent and decided to go for it. She appeared among other hopefuls in an audition managed by Rashid Abdala and Lulu Hassan.

After leading an impressive performance, the actress bagged her first role on television. She has appeared in other productions and starred in King Kaka’s NakuLove.

The song featured well-known personalities like Pascal Tokodi and Charles Bukeko. Yasmin Said received an award for Best Lead Actress in TV Drama at the 2020 Kalasha Awards.

Maria wa Kitaa

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Viewers of the Citizen TV series stay glued to the screen to watch her play Maria. Her character is an intelligent and educated girl from the ghetto but stands out with her ambitions.

Yasmin has brought the character to life, and her skills have made her the talk of the town.

On the show, Luwi thinks about ending the relationship with Maria. He never knew of his brother’s interest in Maria.

Brand Ambassadorship

The actress was the brand ambassador for the Instant Noodles brand – Indomie. She became the new and youngest ever brand ambassador for Indomie in Kenya.

Yasmin partnered with the brand in an initiative – Jiamini. Many young girls received sanitary towels, foodstuffs, and other amenities.

The actress made an impression in a giveaway during her first public appearance at Kibera. Over 400 women and young girls benefited from it.

Personal Life

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Yasmin is quite an outgoing Muslim girl in real life with an astronomical passion for acting. Even though she is in showbiz, she lives an ordinary life.

Her love circle in the show made many develop an interest in her real husband. Yasmin Said is single.

Yasmin Said shared a moment with her mother while they sat at the back of a car. Fans are waiting for a similar video of her dad.

Social Profiles

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Yasmin is a 22-year-old who loves to enjoy almost every moment of her life. She takes memorable moments on social media, and fans love it. 

She also loves cruising on a boat and spending time with loved ones. She uses the platform for paid promotions and posts more of her beautiful Muslim attire.


Yasmin Said won the Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama at the 2020 Kalasha Awards for Maria on Citizen TV.

Net Worth

Maria has appeared in several television productions and has earned a fortune from paid promotions on her social media account. She has an estimated net worth of Kshs 4 million as of September 2022.