McDonald Fellowships 2024 Without IELTS to Study free in UK

Now is the time to apply for British McDonald Fellowships Program 2024 to take a step forward in pursuing your higher education in UK and you will be glad to know that these McDonald fellowships are co sponsored by ECTRIMS in honor of Professor Ian McDonald.

International students interested to study in UK for free in 2024 can apply for this Mcdonald fellowship program which will actually facilitate these students to become researchers of tomorrow by enrolling them in research based Ph.D., MD, and MSc degree programs.

So this is going to be a golden chance for you to get admission in research based program which will be fully financed for two years via McDonald Fellowship and applicants can become a part of virtual or visit research projects and gain expertise from highly skilled professionals whereas on the other hand scholars & researchers can also consider to apply for this Mcdonald fellowship.

McDonald Fellowships Types Available in 2024:

This McDonald Fellowship is a fully funded research funding program available for qualified students, scholars and researchers from lower or middle income countries who wish to conduct their research abroad. You should know this that there are two kinds of McDonald Fellowships out of which first one is offered in collaboration with the European Commerce for Treatment and Research in MS, known as the ECTRIMS and second one is granted in partnership with the ARSEP which is a member of MSIFs.

Funding Grants of McDonald Fellowships:

I know you must be very curious to know that what is in there for you if you win this McDonald Fellowship so for that reason i have handpicked some of the benefits of this British research fellowship listed below:

  • A fellowship grant of £30,000/ year for two years.
  • An additional grant of GBP 2,000/year, only for the host institution.
  • However, once the Covid ends, the second-year fellowship grant of the host institution will be used in the travel expenditures of fellowship winners to attend seminars and ECTRIMS annual congress.
  • Meanwhile, other benefits of the fellowship include living costs and travel expenses.

Eligibility Criteria for McDonald Fellowship:

Students, or researchers who want to apply for McDonald Fellowship must read this section carefully before applying for Mcdonald fellowship to avoid any inconvenience during the procedure:

Students must be citizens of lower or middle income countries or working/studying there at the time of submitting their application for McDonald fellowship, meanwhile, their focus should be in a specific research program for any postgraduate degree, or Ph.D., MD, or MSc.

Moreover, candidates working in another country on a research or postdoc projects must start their application process at least six months before to become eligible and similarly applicants studying a project financed by the MS International Federation grant in another country can also apply for the fellowship.

You must also be required to sign an agreement that after the completion of your Mcdonald fellowship program you will have to return to your country of citizenship to put your education, research, services for the betterment of your country.

Application Process for the McDonald Fellowship:

You need to follow these steps in order to submit your McDonald fellowship application for consideration for the class of 2024-2025:

  • Identify your project and field of interest.
  • Contact and agree project proposal with a host (project supervisor in a lab or clinic).
  • If you do not have a host, contact the research team for advice as soon as possible.
  • Applicant completes all sections of the online application form
  • After Applicant submits, the Host is contacted to submit a supporting statement using the same application form.
  • Applicant asks the three referees to send their reference letters to research{at}msif{dot}org well before 30 June deadline.
  • Applicants must read the Terms and Conditions of the Award to understand requirements around reporting and payments.
  • Applicants should pay close attention to the lay summary of the application. Advice on how to write a lay summary can be found at the bottom of this page.

Let me help you with your application submission at McDonald Fellowship website i strongly suggest you to discuss their research proposal with your host institute and make sure to be very much to the point while writing your research proposal and add proper verifiable citations in it for your claims and references to back your research objectives.

Once it is done, applicants are bound to visit the official site of MSIF to register a free online account to start your Mcdonald scholarship application further then attach the required documents with the supporting statement provided by the host at the end of the application and wait for their result announcement or interview call.

Documents needed for the McDonald Fellowship Application:

All candidates are obliged to attach the following listed documents in the required format:

  • Supporting Statement
  • Study plan or research proposal (Around 500 words)
  • Contacts of three respectable Referees

McDonald Fellowship Application Deadline: June 30, 2024

Last due date to submit an application for McDonald Fellowship 2024 is June 30, 2024 so please make sure you have everything for your scholarship application submission otherwise your application may get rejected.

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