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Paballo Kgware


Paballo Kgware (born August 1999) is a South African social media personality and content creator. She is best known as the hilarious rich makoti character, Mam’ K on TikTok.

The content creator has many viral videos on TikTok, which went viral after she posted videos imitating a Rich daughter-in-law. Although, she says boredom inspired her to start making these videos.

Paballo Kgware
Paballo Kgware biography
Paballo Kgware hails from Thaba Nchu, the Free State.
Background Details
Name:Paballo Kgware
Other Names:Mam’ K
Born:August 1999 (age 23 years old)
Place of Birth:Bloemfontein, the Free State
Origin:Thaba Nchu
Education:BA in Producing
Alma mater:AFDA
Occupation:Social media personality, content creator
Known for:Funny TikTok videos
Social Profiles:Tik TokInstagram
Net Worth:US$40,000

Early Life

Paballo Kgware was born in August 1999 in Bloemfontein, the Free State, South Africa. She hails from Thaba Nchu in the Free State. In 2004, she moved to the coastal city of Durban, South Africa. She is a member and African Music coordinator of the KwaZulu-Natal youth choir. She has always loved acting in primary school and has known herself to be funny.

Although she would laugh at her jokes in high school, many wouldn’t get them.


Kgware completed an BA in producing at AFDA. She attended primary and high schools in South Africa.


After graduating with a BA from AFDA, she wanted to be busy with something while she worked on entering the industry. She started making TikTok videos.

Kgware has also appeared in the popular SABC drama series Uzalo. Some of her favorite content creators include Yoliswa Mqoco and Mpho Pink. 

Tik Tok

The fast-rising content creator says she created an account on TikTok to watch videos only. She got ideas from watching the video and listening to sound. She then posted her first video one day, and people liked it.

Paballo Kgware makes videos of The Rich Makoti, which got her noticed. Her videos started to trend on the platform and got shares and engagements. 

Well-known celebrities like Nandi Madida and Terry Pheto, among others, started to share their videos on their stories. Her most popular video is where she tells her mother that she won’t do dishes because “this not me poropity”.

Her videos are funny and unique because viewers can relate to them. In 2021, she was a nominee for the Best New Comer Social Media Comedian at the African Social Entertainment Awards.

Social Media

Paballo Kgware profiles
Photo: Paballo Kgware is famous for her funny content about washing dishes and other funny moments.

Paballo Kgware is on many social media platforms. She shares pictures and funny videos of the character Mam’ K and her sense of humor. She has millions of followers on TikTok and thousands on Instagram. She also posts pictures of her lifestyle, achievements, and work.

Personal Life

Paballo Kgware is a 23-year-old content creator from Thaba Nchu in the Free State. She is a small-town girl who creates funny content about washing dishes and other funny moments.

The TikTok star is cagey about her love life and has not revealed her boyfriend.


Paballo Kgware body
Photo: Paballo Kgware’s love for her body has also inspired many people.

Paballo Kgware had self-esteem issues growing up. She felt that she was finally in a happy relationship with her body. 

People would body shame her and make fun of her. She would cry and let it all out. She found courage in prayers and had to remind herself that it was them, not her.

In an interview, Kgware says she loves the beauty influencer Yoliswa Mqoco for teaching her to embrace herself completely. She is the reason Paballo is in love with her body today. 

Net Worth

Paballo Kgware is into making digital content and has published many videos. The award-winning content creator has a net worth of R724 000 as of October 2022.

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