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Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis (born c. 1981) is a South African beauty pageant winner and television presenter. She won the Miss South Africa national beauty pageant in 2001. She was the second runner-up at the Miss Universe annual international beauty pageant.

Vanessa is a well-known television presenter on the now defunct lifestyle TV show Top Billing. She has four children, three of which are triplets.

Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis
Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis
Former Miss South Africa Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis.
Quick Facts
Name:Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis
Born:1981 (age 40 years old)
Nationality:South African
Husband • Spouse:Chris Coutroulis (m. 2007 – 2021)
Occupation:Sophia • Mila • Leo • Nikola
Title:Miss South Africa 2001
Net Worth:US$1 million

Early Life

Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis was born in 1981 in South Africa. She had her primary and secondary schools in South Africa.


In 2001, she won the national beauty pageant, Miss South Africa. She represented the country at the international beauty pageant Miss Universe and finished as the 2nd runner-up.

Vanessa is also an MC and has engaged in notable events and ceremonies. She MCed the Mercedes Benz CLS launch and Durban Model of the Year.

The former beauty queen owns an events company. She has produced many functions like Cape Town fashion week and the BMW X3 launch.

Vanessa was named South Africa’s most stylish dresser at the 2003 SA Style awards. She was among the 10 Best Dressed Women for 2005.


The couple owns several businesses, including Johannesburg nightclubs Taboo, Cocoon, and VIP.

Personal Life

Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis age
Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis is 2nd runner-up at the Miss Universe Pageant.


Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis wedded Chris Coutroulis on July 27, 2007. Her husband was a prominent Johannesburg businessperson and owned a nightclub. They had four children together, including triplets.

Sadly, in 2021, her husband died after a lengthy illness leaving her and their children. 

They had tried for a second baby several times over two years. It was at the fifth attempt that they conceived.


Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis children
Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis is a mother of four, Leo, Sophia, Mila, and Nikola

Vanessa and her husband Chris had four children. Though having children was challenging for the former beauty queen. She had their first son Leo after two fertility treatments.

On November 28, 2012, she gave birth to triplets at the Sandton Medi-Clinic, North of Johannesburg. She has two daughters, Sophia and Mila, and two sons, Leo and Nikola.

Vanessa had seven rounds of IVF, a miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy. It was on the fifth try they conceived triplets. The triplets were born by the caesarian section at thirty-three weeks.

The babies spent time in the intensive care unit. Sophia spent a month, Mila spent five weeks, and Nikola spent seven weeks. The younger twins received treatments for jaundice.

In an interview with TimesLIVE, Vanessa revealed she was building a new home, and her children would have separate rooms.

Social Media

Vanesa is active on social media and has gained a decent fanbase. She shares pictures of her lifestyle, work, and moments with other celebrities.

The former beauty queen also fulfills her role as a South African ambassador. She gives motivational talks and makes celebrity appearances. She also loves to travel and shares each moment on social media.

Net Worth

Vanessa Carreira-Coutroulis is a businessperson and owns several businesses. She has an estimated net worth of US$1 million as of 2022.

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