SGS Shanghai Government Scholarship 2023-24 Application

Opportunity to study in Shanghai on a fully funded scholarships for international students as the government of China through the Ministry of Education has Announced it’s 2023-24 SGS Shanghai government Scholarship Application to Interested Applicant Across various Countries.

The Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024 is incorporated in China in the year 2006 to Foster international cooperation Among Countries and it improves bilateral and Effective Communication and also attracting brilliant students to study in a country like Shanghai China. These Students will be Expose to the Rich Cultural and Background heritage in China with the motive of Improving Science and innovation in China and across different geopolitical space.

International Students will get to Study in the East China Normal University or other universities under the Shanghai government scholarship as Funds are Fully covered by the Government. Nevertheless, the Intending Purpose of this scholarship is to Enhance the Development and Improvement of International Students in the choice of Educational career goals and Give More room to Exceptional International Students to Study in Shanghai.

This Scholarship offers Quite a large numbers of Scholarships to International Students and also Most field of Study is Applicable to this Scholarship i.e. you can apply for Almost all Course of your Choice with this scholarship as Most Degree programs are Run under the SGS Shanghai Government Scholarship 2023-24 For international Students. While We Show You All you Need to know, This Scholarship is For Undergraduate, Graduate and postgraduate Degree programs. check Medical Scholarships for International Students in Zhengzhou University 2024

Some Course are offered in English Language while others may not be Available in English therefore Applicants will need to Enroll for a 1 year Preliminary language Class in Chinese before been offered to Study for Such Course which is only Available in the Native Language. Applicants Must have Met the required HSK Score for the Pre-college 1 year Program in Language else the Applicant graduate as a language Student.

East China Normal university and other public universities in china are the Host where students will be Admitted to Study and Complete their various Degree Programs For either bachelor, Master or Doctoral Programs for some numbers of Years. Its a Top University for Research in China While Included in China National Education Program in the Year 2006.

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Scholarships Details

Country: China
Host: Shanghai Government Scholarship
Award: Fully Funded
No of Scholarships: Unspecified
Level: Bachelors/Masters/Doctoral/PhD
Availability: All Nationalities

NOTE: Applicants are Advised to take note of the category of Scholarship for the 2022/23 SGS Shanghai Government Scholarship as there are a little bit of Difference. Type A Scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship which Means Full tuition will be Covered, Medicals, Accommodation and Living Expenses while Type B are partially Funded With Half of Scholarships being Covered.

Scholarship Duration

Interested Applicants are to note that this Scholarship Durations varies for different Levels. Bachelors Degree Study period is Up to 4 years, Masters Degree Program is up to 2 to 3 years while Doctoral/PhD program range between 3 – 4 Years. If the Course Says otherwise, You need to meet all the Requirement specified by the University management to Complete the Degree Program.

Why Shanghai Government Scholarship

The Follow are the Benefits of the Chinese government scholarship 2023/2024 which Successful Applicants are to benefits from during their Study period for the Entire Program.

Full tuition fee, and accommodation benefits on-campus

Medicals will be Covered by this Scholarship

Applicants receives Monthly Stipends at all Degree Level
Undergraduate program: CNY2500
Graduate program: CNY3000
Doctoral program: CNY3500

While Partial Scholarship only Covers Full Tuition fee and Medicals

Application Eligibility

International Student with a Good Health Record

Age and Education Background of the Applicants: For Bachelor’s Degree, Applicants should not be more than 25 years while Master’s 35 years of a And For High study like the Doctoral/PhD Degree Applicants should not be More than40 years of Age.

Excellent Academic Records

Applicants Must meet the Applied University Chinese level of HSK4 and meet the language requirements

Applicants Who has Benefitted From other Chinese Government Scholarship are not Eligible for shanghai government scholarship 2023-2024

Documents Required

The following are the Documents Required For Applying for SGS Shanghai Government Scholarship 2023-24 Application

  • Original Copies of your certificate (Written in Either English or Chinese with translation)
  • Transcripts
  • PhD thesis Abstract
  • A Motivation letter
  • Research of Interest and proposal
  • Two Well written letter of recommendation from a well known professor in your School with their Contact Details
  • Official Test score report of HSK, TOEFL, IELTS or other language proficiency tests
  • Foreigner Physical examination record.
  • Blood test from a Reputable Hospital in your country.
  • Original copies  of no criminal certificate
  • Other documents, e.g. list of publications, documentary evidence of academic awards and professional qualifications, and summary of relevant experience.

Application Closing Date

The Application Closing Date for shanghai government scholarship Various degree programs for International Students is 10th May 2024.

shanghai government scholarship universities list

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Fudan University

Tongji University

East China Normal University

East China University of Science and Technology

Shanghai International Studies University

Donghua University

Shanghai University

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shanghai Polytechnic University

Shanghai Jian Qiao University

Shanghai Business School

Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences

NYU Shanghai

China Europe International Business School

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

How To Apply
Interested Applicants Should visit the Scholarship page here and click Apply for a Scholarship

Apply through their Preferred Choice of Universities under the Shanghai Government Scholarship as Listed Above and Some may require you to Pay for one time Application fee.

During Application, attached or Include Copies of your Documents, Cross-check to be sure before Submitting your Application and mail it to the your chosen universities under the Shanghai government Scholarship.

For More information, Applicants can Visit the shanghai government scholarship official website here


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