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Tinotenda Chinyani (born 9 September 1994), known professionally as Tino Chinyani, is a charming Zimbabwean model. He is also an actor and television personality. He got his career highlight in 2015 after celebrated figures noticed him.

Tino has held several modeling sessions and performances. Combined with his body, he has worked with top brands and companies in the modeling circle.

The Zimbabwean-born television host is famous for many things. His profession covers acting, modeling, and is a well-known television personality. As a television show host, Tino is hosting the Morning show on e.tv.

Tino Chinyani
Tino Chinyani biography
Tinotenda Chinyani known professionally as Tino Chinyani is a Zimbabwean actor, model, and TV personality.
Background Information
Full Name: Tinotenda Chinyani
Other Name: Tino Chinyani
Born: 9 September 1994 (age 27)
Place of Birth: Harare, Zimbabwe
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Chinyani
Education: Marketing and Management
Alma mater: Monash University
Child: Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani
Girlfriend • Partner: Simphiwe Ngema
Occupation: Actor • Model • Television Personality
Net Worth: $750,000-$1,500,000

Early Life

Tino Chinyani’s parents gave birth to him on 9 September 1994 in the Capital of Zimbabwe, Harare. The rising star spent a higher percentage of his childhood days in Zimbabwe.

His parents registered him in a primary school. He also studied in a prestigious secondary school in Zimbabwe.


After completing his primary and secondary education in Zimbabwe, Tino thought it would be best he had his university education in South Africa.

He attended St. John Preparatory School in Zimbabwe. Tino continued his education at St. John’s College.

After moving to South Africa, he enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management from Monash University. While in school, he was active in sports. He played basketball and entered the Zimbabwean rugby championship for under-19s.

Personal Life

Tino Chinyani is currently dating Simphiwe Ngema, a South African actress, singer, and TV Personality. The couple is in a romantic relationship and is blessed with a child.

Although the singer lost her husband a few years ago, in 2017, at the time she was twenty-seven years old. Her then-husband Dumisani’ Dumi’ Masilela was shot a few months after he walked her to the alter.

South Africa is happy for the lady as she has come out strong and found love once again. Tino Chinyani and his girlfriend Simphiwe Ngema are proud parents of a baby boy. On 23 June 2020, the couple took to Instagram to announce the new member of their family, a beautiful baby boy Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani.


Tino Chinyani started his modeling photoshoot after his friend persuaded him to. After convincing him, the fast-rising model has participated in several photoshoots since then. Reports have it that the gifted model dedicates his career to his friend.

He made his debut at Monash University. He entered the Mr. and Mrs. Monash Pageant hosted in the university in 2014. Tino emerged as the winner. He has been influential since his days in the university. While in Monash University, he was named the third most influential student.

After he completed his education, Tino joined the Boss Models label and has recorded many successes ever since. He has worked for many big brands and companies within and outside South Africa.

He also works as a presenter and appeared on the MTV VJ search. Tino was a co-host of Channel O’s top 5 drive and now hosts the e.Morning TV’s Show.

The fast-rising media personality has famous for appearing on many mental health-related shows. He has worked with many names in the fashion world.

Some big names he has worked with include David Tlale, Tokyo James, Maxhosa, and Sheria Ngowi. In South Africa, the Tino has worked with the celebrity couturier and entrepreneur Rich Mnisi.


Family, friends, or both go a long way to affect our choice of career. For Tino, his friend, who was a photographer did after he was successful to convince him to take part in a photoshoot. 

In 2014, during the Mr. & Mrs. Monash Pageant, school pageantry held at the Monash University, he emerged winner of the competition.

In the same year, he won the Gauteng D2 league MVP votes, and the next year, in 2015, he received huge recognition as the 3rd Most Influential student in the University.

He has also recorded many achievements after his graduation and joining the Boss Models label. Tino has worked for several big names and brands in the country and internationally.

On television, he is a popular face and has made an appearance on several television shows on mental health. He has also worked with other renowned personalities and heavyweights in the fashion industry.

He has also worked with big-name runway fashion designers including David Tlale, Tokyo James, Maxhosa, Sheria Ngowi, and Rich Mnisi.

Social media

Tino is active on social media and has profiles across many platforms. On Instagram, he posts pictures of his work, family, and lifestyle. He also shares some pictures revealing his body.

He also posts pictures of his lifestyle, the model enjoys cruising. Tino shares photos of his work and has garnered a large fanbase.

Net Worth

The talented, celebrated, and handsome television figure, Tino Chinyani is estimated to have a net worth around $750,000-$1,500,000.

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