France Government Eiffel Scholarships 2024-2025 for International Students

The Campus France announced Eiffel Scholarships 2024-2025 for international students. This France Government Scholarship is available to international applicants for all disciplines. The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is started by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The scholarship is aimed toward the best foreign talent to offer them a brilliant opportunity to undertake higher studies at top French universities.

The program targets individuals with strong decision-making skills who are provided education in public and private sectors to prepare them for the future serving in key leadership roles. While many people find it difficult to study in French institutions because of the high costs that they have to incur, this scholarship initiative impresses with its ability to help students during their studies and stay in France.

Follow this article to know more about the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program, its benefits, application procedure, eligibility criteria, English Language requirements, and application deadline.

Sponsorship Benefits of Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Program 2024 

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program carries various benefits for students helping them with their studies and stays in France. The Eiffel Scholarship holders studying in Masters programs receive a monthly allowance of €1,181 which is exclusive of other expenditures like international and local transportation, cultural activities, housing, health insurance, etc.

The doctoral candidates receive an increased monthly allowance of €1,700 which is also exclusive of international and local transportation, health insurance, cultural trips or activities, and housing. The scholarship program does not cover the tuition fees of the awardees.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program 2024 is for:

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is a scholarship initiative that helps students undertake Masters’s and Doctoral studies in their dream French universities. Students coming from underdeveloped countries are highly encouraged to apply for this scholarship initiative. There are two main disciplinary fields prescribed for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program.

The students can apply for programs in Science & Technology which include Biology and Health, Ecological Transition, Mathematics, Digital, and Engineering Sciences. Similarly, they have the option to apply for programs in Humanities and Social Sciences which include History, French Language, Civilization, Law and Political Science, and Economics and Management.

The candidates are referred to the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program by the French institutes where the students apply. The students can be enrolled in these institutes under the scholarship in courses leading to a Master’s degree, engineering program, or joint doctoral program. The scholarship lasts for 24 months for students enrolled in M1, 12 months for M2, 36 months for an engineering degree, and 12 months for a doctoral program.

Eligibility Criteria for Eiffel Excellence Scholarship 2024-2025

The applicants will be required to meet the prescribed eligibility criteria to be considered for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program. The scholarship program focuses on attracting foreign leadership talent that can work in the public or private sector. The primary aim is to nurture this leadership talent to help them make refined decisions in the future when they find themselves in positions of power. Therefore, the applicants must demonstrate their leadership potential to be eligible for the scholarship scheme. This can be done by submitting proof of serving in leadership roles.

The students must also be applying to the Master’s and Doctoral programs to be eligible for the scholarship scheme. Moreover, they must be applying in the two defined disciplinary fields which are Science & Technology that includes Biology and Health, Ecological Transition, Mathematics and Digital, and Engineering Sciences of Humanities and Social Sciences including History, French Language, and Civilization, Law and Political Science, and Economics and Management. Applicants for the Master’s program must be below the age of 25 coming from developing countries. The applicants for doctoral programs must be under 30 from developing or industrialized countries.

English Language Requirements to Apply for Eiffel Scholarship Program:

The English Language requirements for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program vary according to your applied universities. Some universities have different standards for English Language Proficiency compared to others.

However, the universities offering courses in the English language require a certain standard of English Language Proficiency for the students to understand and participate in the class. For this, the English Language Proficiency Test results are required which include IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, etc.

How to Apply for Eiffel Excellence Scholarships 2024-2025?

To apply for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Program, you will have to follow a prescribed pathway. Follow the steps below to apply for this scholarship program:

  • Contact the Campus France based in your country or the French Embassy’s Cooperation and Cultural Action Department to demonstrate your interest in the scholarship program
  • Connect with a French institution through their International Relations Department through their email, website, or telephone to consult them about the application procedure and deadline for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program
  • Apply to the institution that you wish to be enrolled in for your Master’s or Doctoral program in the study disciplines prescribed in the scholarship program

After this, if you are accepted by the university, they will push your application for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will be done by submitting an online application for the scholarship program which will be handled by the institution. The students cannot submit the applications themselves as they are considered ineligible.

Eiffel Scholarship 2024 Application Deadline: 10 January 2024

The applications for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program have been started from 3rd October 2024. The application deadline has been set for 10th January 2024. After reviewing and evaluating the applications, the scholarship board will announce the awards on 3rd April 2024.

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