Italy DSU Scholarships 2024 by European Union – Apply Here

 Apply for a fully-funded Italian DSU Scholarships for the class of 2024 by European Union offered in the top 5 Universities of Italy. IELTS is not needed for the application for Italian DSU Scholarships. Candidates can submit applications for the DSU Scholarships in Italian universities without application fees.

Getting yourself any European scholarship program is a great opportunity. And if one gets a chance to become a part of the DSU Scholarship, then it’s a great chance as applicants can get their hands on a fully funded scholarship opportunity. Italian DSU Scholarship program is Italy based financial grant offered by European Union that enable deserving students to study for free in Europe.

Funding Perks of Winning European DSU Scholarship in Italy

While applying for the Italian DSU Scholarship by European Union; one must not forget that this scholarship opportunity has multiple benefits. Applicants can complete their degrees without having to pay a single penny to the university as the DSU scholarship is fully-funded.

Along with covering the academic expenses, the DSU Italian Government scholarship also covers the living and accommodation expenses of students, which is a huge benefit. Because the rents in Italy are very high, getting the benefit of accommodation is a huge plus point. The winners of DSU Scholarships are awarded a free allocation of accommodation in the Italian University Residences, or, in the absence of suitable housing, payment of rent is compensated.

And most importantly, the facility of meals is also included in the fully funded DSU scholarship program. Keeping in mind all these benefits, interested candidates must not let go of this opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria for DSU Scholarships

Keeping in mind the list of benefits offered by DSU Scholarships; there are certain eligibility criteria to go through to figure out if you can apply for a DSU scholarship or not as European Union funds the DSU scholarship program.

Along with the funding source, the applicant must know that they can only apply for bachelor’s and master’s programs on DSU Scholarships. But this DSU scholarship isn’t offered for Ph.D. programs. Another plus point is that IELTS is not at all required for the DSU scholarship program. Although it adds to the applicant’s profile if the applicant has IELTS certification, it isn’t compulsory to have one.

The applicants for DSU Scholarships also need to satisfy degree and subject-specific entry requirements as specified by the Italian University.

Application Procedure of DSU Italy Government Scholarships:

Based on the eligibility criteria, there is a procedure to apply for the DSU scholarship programs in Italian Universities. The candidate needs to navigate to any of the 5 Italian University websites where admissions are offered on Italian Government DSU Scholarship programs. After that, the candidate is requested to follow admission/scholarship application submission guidelines as stated by that Italian University. The application portals are:

DSU Scholarships Are Offered in Following Italian Universities:

There are a few Italian universities where the DSU scholarship program is offered. The universities are listed below:

  1. DSU Scholarships Offered at the University of Florence
  2. DSU Scholarships Offered at Politecnico Di Milano
  3. DSU Scholarships Offered at the University of Milan
  4. DSU Scholarships Offered at University of Pisa
  5. DSU Scholarships Offered at the University of Siena

The applicants for DSU Scholarships might need the following set of admission package documents:

  1. Identity proof
  2. A passport-size picture
  3. Academic Transcript
  4. Application form for university
  5. Programs of study and course descriptions in detail (must mention the total hours of the courses or training activities that the applicant has fulfilled according to his/her academic criteria)
  6. CV (Curriculum Vitae) for Scholarship
  7. Letter of Recommendation (It’s the most important document in the application process). It must be drafted professionally.
  8. Letter of motivation (It’s the most important document in the application process). It must be drafted professionally.
  9. IELTS is a plus but not necessary (It will increase the chances of getting shortlisted).
  10. In the absence of IELTS, with an English language proficiency certificate, the applicants may apply.
  11. Family Income Certificate.
  12. Property document.

All the above-mentioned documents are to be submitted online before the deadline.

Italian DSU Scholarship Application Deadline: September 6, 2024

The deadline to submit an online application for the DSU Scholarship program is 6th September 2024.

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