Tsinghua University Scholarships 2024 – Chinese Government Scholarships

Apply for the fully-funded Tsinghua University Scholarships in China for the class of 2020-2024. The Tsinghua University Chinese Government Scholarships are currently open for all majors and degree levels for all international and Chinese Students.

Application Fees of Tsinghua University: US$0 (NO Application Fees)

IELTS NOT Required in Tsinghua University if you got English Proficiency Letter.

Admissions Acceptance Rate of Tsinghua University: less than 2%

The admissions acceptance rate of Tsinghua University China is quite low and it is because Tsinghua University is one of the most competitive Universities of China to get enrolled in due to its high ranking.

We understand applying to well-known Chinese universities can be challenging, and stressful at the same time because of lengthy and complex application procedures and handling the thoughts of bearing all the academic expenses. We believe one should not have education limitations due to financial barriers. This is why we research fully-funded Scholarships available for you every day to help you get your academic dreams.

That’s where we encourage students to apply for Chinese scholarships.

Scholarships can save you from debts!

There are many scholarships in China, over 50,000 international students are awarded Chinese Government Scholarships each year. The Chinese scholarship covers full tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses that can go from undergraduate programs to master and Ph.D. programs as well.

Looking for a fully-funded China scholarship? And that too in a top-notch university of China,

Well, the Tsinghua University scholarship awaits you!


Recipient Country: China, Beijing
Host University: National Tsinghua University
Category of Scholarship: fully funded
Study levels: Undergraduates, Masters, and Ph.D.
Study mode: on campus

About National Tsinghua University:

National Tsinghua university is one of the top public universities located in Beijing with great research output, established in 1911. It ranks 17th in QS world universities ranking in the world and 2nd in Asian universities rankings. It’s been accepting international students for a long time.

It has been recognized as a global institution that accommodates 5,420 international students currently.

National Tsinghua University provides 59 departments and 21 schools of designated academic programs:

Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Philosophy, Fine arts, Education, History, Medicine, Literature, Business and Economics, and legal studies.

43 departments for bachelors, 21 for a masters program, and 8 for Ph.D.

Degree Program Academic years Chinese preparatory years
Undergraduate 4-5 years 1-2 years
Masters 2-3years 1-2 years
PhD 3-4years 1-2years

However, the programs are offered bilingually in English and Chinese as well.
*Architecture requires 5 years whereas clinical medicine requires 8 years of academics.

Students considering engineering and computer science programs should not overlook this prestigious university.

List of Benefits of Winning a Tsinghua University Scholarship

  • You can study in a reputable global university, without having any financial stress.
  • The degree programs are bilingual, English and Chinese both
  • You can enjoy the cultural diversity, and learn Chinese.
  • Free accommodation in the dormitory of the university. Rental funds are also issued.
  • Monthly stipend; BS 2500 CNY, masters: 3000 CNY, and Doctorate 3500 CNY
  • Your tuition fee is paid fully or partially.
  • Health insurance facilities provided up to 800 RMB
  • The acceptance rate for international students is higher than the of local Chinese students.

Tsinghua University CSC Scholarships 2024 Applications:

National Tsinghua University Provides the Following Scholarships for all students:

  • Chinese government scholarships (CSC Scholarships)
  • Tsinghua University tuition scholarships


The Chinese scholarship council (CSC) is possibly the biggest way to get into Tsinghua University. This Tsinghua University-CSC Scholarship was specially designed by the Chinese government for international students and scholars. There are 279 universities that admit students on this CSC scholarship and Tsinghua is one of them. Mostly it is provided by the Chinese Government council. It enables the Chinese government to promote new learning experiences, cultural diversity, and mutual connection between the nations.

  • Scholarship coverage: full or partial
  • Available for undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. levels
  • Even available for a non-degree exchange program.
  • Monthly stipend of 2500, 3000, and 3500 CNY awarded to BS, MS, and Ph.D. Scholars
  • The free residence provided or residential allowance paid monthly
  • Foreigner’s Comprehensive medical insurance plan

Types of Tsinghua University CSC Scholarships:

There are two types of Tsinghua University CSC Scholarships for 2024:

  1. Full CSC Scholarship: It covers your full tuition, accommodation expenses and provide full monthly wages and also full medical insurance-policy
  2. Partial CSC Scholarship:It would cover half of the expense mentioned above, also it’s for just one academic year. The student has to apply for it annually.

*note that CSC does not provide scholarships for MBA and also for MBBS there are very limited seats.

Tsinghua University Scholarships 2024 Applications:

Tsinghua university’s scholarship program is one of the best opportunities to win yourself a great future. It is awarded to the students with the best academic records, it does not require any application.

  • Tsinghua University Scholarship coverage: full or partial
  • Available for the undergraduates, postgraduates, and Ph.D. programs as well.
  • Covers tuition fee and accommodation
  • It’s a competitive scholarship awarded for one academic year and needs to be renewed annually.


  • Candidates must be physically and mentally fit
  • The candidate must be a foreign student.
  • Candidate must qualify for enrollment in higher education for bachelor’s programs.
  • The candidate must have exemplary grades
  • The candidate must be proficient in the Chinese language if needed by the department.
  • The candidate must also be proficient in the English language if needed by the department.

Steps to Submit Application for Tsinghua University Scholarship:

  • You can apply online by filling the application form on the website of the university and CSC.
  • Prepare the below-mentioned documents.
  • Download the application form and attach all required documents to it and make two sets.
  • Send these 2 sets to the embassy or directly to the Tsinghua University.
  • Now, wait for the result.

All around the world, there are Chinese embassies that are assigned to accept limited no. of application forms. You can apply for admission at the Tsinghua University and for CSC Scholarship at the China Scholarship Council web portal. Whereas, if you are interested in Tsinghua University Scholarship then you can submit your application directly to Tsinghua University International Student office.

Documents for Tsinghua University Scholarship Application:

  1. Highest academic transcripts
  2. Notarized copy of graduation certificates
  3. Passport copy/ national ID
  4. Study plan for MS and research proposal for Doctorate
  5. Two original Recommendations letters
  6. An amiable resume with a covering letter
  7. Visa, if you’ve been to China before
  8. Medical examination form
  9. Chinese proficiency certificate
  10. English Language Proficiency Certificate
  11. Tsinghua University’s pre-admission letters
  12. Family financial statements
  13. Certificate of extracurricular activities.
  14. Qualification certificates of GMAT or GRE etc (Business students)
  15. English proficiency certificate: IELTS, TOEFL (for degree programs in English)

How to Get Accepted for China Scholarships?

  1. Prepare a convincing application, understand your university requirements.
  2. Write a nice study plan or motivation letter.
  3. For each degree program there are different entry requirements, make sure you stand eligible.
  4. Double-check the documents, if any one of them is missing you’ll be rejected.
  5. Higher the Chinese proficiency (HSK Level and Score) the higher the chances. You can get a certificate for Chinese proficiency by appearing in HSK exams online. There are Chinese preparatory online programs in colleges of Beijing if you wish to learn Chinese.
  6. Apply as earliest as possible.
  7. For any inquiry contact the embassy or the university.
  8. If you enroll yourself for a degree in Chinese, that can add up to the possibility of winning the scholarship.
  9. The process may take time, meanwhile, you can learn and explore Chinese culture.


Normally the students with exemplary grades are accepted for Chinese scholarships. Those having academic marks above 65%, along with a sturdy research plan make excellent candidates.

But the chance can be higher if there are fewer students applying from your country. Also being an international student adds up to that, as their selection is done separately.

2024 Tsinghua University Scholarship Application Deadline:

The online applications for the Tsinghua University Scholarships are open from January 1, 2024, and the last date to submit your CSC Scholarship or Tsinghua University Scholarship application is set at July 8, 2024.

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