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Joel Netshitenzhe (born in Sibasa, Venda) is a South African politician. He headed the Policy and Coordination advisory unity in the presidency. He stepped down from the post in December 2009.

Before occupying the position, Joel was the head of the country’s Government Communication and Information System. He served as the head of GCIS for 8 years (1998-2006).

He served as a major political strategist for former president Thabo Mbeki. Little wonder many place him among the most powerful politicians in South Africa.

At a point, Joel was seen as a “possible contender” in the South African forthcoming presidential election. This stirred up following his close working relationship with the former president Thabo Mbeki.


Joel Netshitenzhe biography
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NameJoel Netshitenzhe
Place of birthSibasa, Venda
NationalitySouth African
EducationFinancial Economics
Economic Principles
Political Science
Alma materUniversity of London
Institute of Social Sciences, Moscow


Joel holds an MSc degree in Financial Economics and a PG Diploma in Economic Principles. He obtained these certificates from the University of London.

Netshitenzhe also holds a diploma in Political Science from the Institute of Social Sciences in Moscow. 


Joel is the Executive Director and Board Vice-Chairperson of MISTRA. A research institute that deals with strategic issues facing the country.

Mr. Joel is a member of the ANC National Executive Committee; National Planning Commission. Joel is also a member of the Board of Nedbank Group. He is also a board member of Life Healthcare Group and CEEF.

In 1998, he landed the position of CEO at the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS). 

Before his position, he served as the Head of Communication during the tenure of former president Nelson Mandela.

To add to his profession, in 2001, Mr. Joel was appointed to the position of the Head of the Policy Co-ordination and Advisory Services (PCAS).

From 2006, he became a full-time head of PCAS and occupied the position for three years, and retired in 2009. He has also occupied several positions within the ANC before ’94.


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