Mawhoo Biography: Age, Songs, Pictures, Umshado, Album, Body

MaWhoo pictures
MaWhoo a dynamic female performer with a voice that gives her an edge over others in the industry.


Mawhoo is a KwaZulu-Natal-born South African musician, performer, model, and songwriter. She’s appreciated for her style of music coupled with her dress. She projects culture with her dressing in her music videos.

The singer has collaborated with top local artists like DJ Maphorisa, Tsisto, Vigro Deep, and Master KG. Her debut single is Umshado, meaning Wedding/Marriage in isiZulu, featuring Heavy-K.

MaWhoo biography
MaWhoo is signed to the Mabala Noise record label.
Quick Facts
Full Name:Thandeka Ngema
Other names:Mawhoo
Born:Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal
Age:26 years old
Nationality:South African
Alma mater:University of South Africa
Occupation:Musician, performer, model, songwriter
Record Label:Mabala Noise

Early Life

Mawhoo was born Thandeka Ngema in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She started to sing at a young age.

At eleven, she took her recorded song to a local radio station, but they refused to promote her. They thought she was too young, but the experience was heartbreaking for her.


Mawhoo studied for a degree at the University of South Africa (UNISA). While in the institution, she did modeling.


Mawhoo dropped the single Umshado in 2019. The hit song garnered almost a million views on the video streaming platform YouTube. Artists like DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, and Heavy K collaborated with her.

The performer wants to use music to change things for the better. She observed that the number of women victims of femicide in South Africa is high. She wants to fight against gender-based violence.

Mawhoo appeared in music videos, acted in a cameo role, and has modeled for prestigious brands in and out of South Africa. She has worked for Tribe Afrique, House of Supreme, and Convoy Clothing SA.

The singer tried to teach after graduating from school. In 2018, she reached out to the top local music label Mabala Noise. She was able to convince them to invest in her. The music company signed her, and she has worked under them ever since.


MaWhoo performance
MaWhoo holding a stage performance.

In 2019, she released her debut Umshado which means Wedding in IsiZulu. The song talks of a girl ready to settle down after being in a dating game. She talks to her partner to engage her with a ring. The video is available on several streaming sites, including YouTube.

The video promotes African culture and is set in Kraal with the cows for Lobola currency. 


MaWhoo body
MaWhoo has a beautiful and endowed body.

As a model, the performer also holds her body in high esteem. She does exercises and tasks that keep her body in shape. MaWhoo got the body many ladies go under the knife to achieve. She doesn’t fail to flaunt what she’s got.


Thandeka Ngema loves to promote the African culture in any way she can. Her day-to-day dress speaks a lot about her love for traditional attire. She prides herself on the African way of life since it gives her a sense of belonging and confidence.

Even though she would love to start making videos with typical African dresses, she fears they might not play on digital platforms. She planned on freeing her nipple and wearing Ubuhlalu (beadwork) as it should be.

Social Profile

Since many digital platforms might not allow her to dress in a typical South African traditional attire – revealing the nipple – in videos, she utilizes social media.

Apart from being a lover of traditional attires, she posts sultry pictures too. She has a verified account on Instagram. She also shares videos of her having a good time, like cruising on a boat.


The list of songs the musical artist MaWhoo has featured in and sung. 

  • Thokoza
  • Ngiyamthanda
  • Kulula
  • Asishade
  • Sibani Sezwe
  • Emhlabeni
  • Amasango
  • Inkanyezi
  • Bonke
  • Buya
  • Busa
  • Umshado
  • Mswapheni
  • AmaKhosi
  • 10K Ye McDonald’s
  • Ngithakazele
  • Mdantso
  • Phumelela
  • Ngipholise
  • Memeza
  • Shona Kwelanga
  • Yo Thando